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Harley Davidson – The Evolution of an Icon hosted by Marissa Miller

Ahh, Harley Davidson! Most men react to those two words the way a woman respondes to Gucci, there’s lots of salivating. Which I saw a lot of while there. Mix that with Marisa Miller and men are in heaven (although by the time we got there, we missed her). She is collaborating with Harley Davidson on the launch of the V-Rod Muscle. Dave, Kim and I arrived to find these two massive street beasts flanking entrance.

Both Kim and Dave immediately wanted to jump on to take photos (of course they weren’t the ones, many people posed for photos I’m sure their friends are jealous of

me – not so much; this may be attributed to the men in my family being speed demons and my slight fear of high speeds. Anyway, we walked around a bit and look at the various bikes, bike parts and the evolution of the Harley Davidson company in general.

While walking around, I came across this display table with a very interesting bottle

which turned out to be Vodka. A new vodka company infact called Double Cross. The bottle is very masculine and modern and it kinda looks like an ice sculptor (which is what caught my eye). Anyway, they were giving out shots to guests, so Dave and I took one (Kim passed). Let me tell you, that baby really warmed me up (it is perfect for a freezing day like today). I also got the pleasure of meeting the founders of the company; I found out that Double Cross won two 2008 gold medal for taste and packaging from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the only Vodka to win both and theat it is filtered through diamond dust (amazing); I’d say Grey Goose better watch out. Anyway, please say hello to Malcolm Lloyd (in the tie) and his partners

Lastly, here’s the gift bag which consists of a Harley t-shirt, a poster of Marisa Miller (which my friend Vic will most likely receive), a canvas harley tote, literature from Double Cross and a Harley book

Sadly, I didn’t get to take one of these beautiful bottles home (yes I keep interesting looking bottles) but I will certainly look out for it.

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