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Spa Week is almost here. Specifically April 13th – April 19th. For those of you who are not familiar with Spa Week (really?), it is a glorious week where you can enjoy exclusive spa deals on everything from facials to bikini waxes. Aside from Fashion Week, this is my second most favorite week. Imagine getting a $200 Microdermabrasion session for $50, that’s right $50.

Patty warned us to get there early and I was lucky enough to be only 5 blocks away from the Midtown Loft, where the event was being held. Funny enough, when I arrived, Patty was at the elevator, she said there was a line and it’s been crowded elevator after crowded elevator (and they were no at all large capacity elevators). Incidentally, the elevators were stuck for a while (not fun for the Beauty media stuck on them I’m sure). Anyway, after 10 minutes one of the elevators finally arrived. For those of you wondering why we didn’t walk up, the event was on the 11th floor (but we actually did contemplate walking up…….for about 5 seconds).

Anyhoo, we’re on then off the elevator, checked in at the front desk

(before I continue I must note that as soon as we stepped off the elevator, two men, yes men were arguing about one shoving himself infront of the other – I didn’t know men were so passionate about spa treatments) and proceeded to walk around. truthfully, we headed sraight to the bar (by the way, the Navy bags you see above are the giftbags….more on that at the end).

Anyway, next to the bar was a wine tasting station courtesy of Vibrant Rioja Wines, which helped to not get stuck with a wine you might end up not liking; the cool thing is, you got to keep the glass which was branded with the Vibrant Rioja logo. After the tasting, I settled on a very smooth semi sweet white, Leza Garcia

Now as I’ve mentioned before (I think), I sacrificed all chocolate, pastries, cookies, etc for Lent, which was easier than I thought but that tested at this event Not only was there a huge table of deserts, there was an enormous Chocolate Fountain.

This would have been utterly torturous at the beginning of Lent but now, not so much. I was ever the good girl by sticking to non-chocolate covered fruit

As Patty and I walked around the room, we stopped by each table/vendor, such as Ingrid Millet

The Spa at Peter Island

which also had a poster of the resort I totally wanted to dive into. If you visit the Peter Island (in the British Virgin Islands) site, you’ll die from wanting to be there

The Spa Week table, which had information on the upcoming Spa Week, which by the way is celebrating it’s 10th Edition. I must note that by this time, Alexandra*, Kim and Zia* had finally arrived.

The Red Door Spa, which offered hand massages and back massages

they were next to the Spa Chinois booth, which offered mini manicures. I got my nails colored in one of Borghese’s new Spring Colors – Campanula Bellflower

Next was the Wedding Channel table

yet another challenge as they had delicious moist cake

After Alexandra* kept returning for more pieces of cake, I knew I had to get away from there, so off we went to the table occupies by Chef Daniel, who was preparing healthy meals at his table

I had a very interesting sample of a coiled vegetable (i think) that sort of looked like young bamboo. It was an interesting taste and I’m 100% sure it’s good for you but it’s no chocolate cake (ummmmmm chocolateeeee). Anyway, later he did ribs or something like that (I’m no sure as I never got to taste it, just saw the crowd enjoying it).

Next stop, bar to try the Rose (didn’t like it too much) then off to get my eyebrows threaded. This is a breakthrough as I do not like pain (AT ALL) and this is my first time. Unlike this person, not a flinch was made

and there was a line. Imagine a line to be slightly tortured

Right next door to them was a company giving foot massages (I didn’t partake nor did I even get the name of the Spa – I have a thing about having anyone other than the man I’m romantically involved with touching my feet).

Anyway, while I was waiting I took some time to look around and as you can expect, everyone was having a grand time

and why wouldn’t they, free spa offerings, great eats and some free product samples – what’s not to love. Anyway, I’m done, my eyes are tearing and my head hurts a bit. The woman did a combo of plucking and threading (I thought I’d pass out for a minute but I survived). By this time, Alexandra* and Zia* left (they had prior commitments), so Kim and I stayed to enjoy a little bit more of the atmosphere and hors d’ouevres (no more drinks for me with the headache). While she was in conversation, I noticed some gorgeous floral arrangements

so I went up and spoke to Virgil Alessi from Pedestals Floral Decorarors, who told me that Pedestals Florists not only did the arrangements, but they did the cabanas that housed Spa Chinois, Red Door Spa, Foot massage, etc booths. I don’t have a great photo of the whole booths but they were adorable. I was back with Kim and her friend when we weere approached from one of the reps from

we thought they were completely booked but it seems that one appt left early (great for me). God answered my prayers because I’ve been craving a massage for lower back issues (and carrying around the extremely heavy giftbag we were given), even though the massage was only 10 or so minutes, it felt like a lifetime of fabulousness. After I oozed off the massage chair, we only stayed for another 5 minutes and left the event. Anyway, I told you the giftbag was heavy and fabulous and here it is, judge for yourself

*Some names have been changed to protect the permanently shy and those possibly under witness protection

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