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Pranna Celebrates Slumdog Millionaire

I’m a bit behind (moving, computer issues, tons and tons of piles at work) but since I attended I must write about it.

Anyway, the invitation said “Pranna Restaurant invites you to party like a Slumdog…” to Celebrate the Oscar Winning Film, so off I went (Dave was closer to Pranna, so of course he got there first). When I arrived, the line was around the corner but luciky I ran into someone I knew who was number 10 in line and she called me over. So in we went and I went looking for Dave who I found in 5 minutes. As I took in the scene, I noticed the tables were adorned with Academy Award-ish trophies which sat in water and rose petal filled metal bowls

It was not a good beginning because in trying to get drinks, we were ignored or were directed to a server who also ignored us. As you can imagine, we were frustrated, annoyed and thirsty. To pass the time, I took some video of the restaurant and the crowd (warning – I did not walk around the restaurant, this as shot from one vantage point – too crowded to move around)

Afterwards, we still hadn’t gotten a drink (and we tried a few times), until I stopped a server and explained our dilemma; she told us the same thing another said and disappeared so we decided to leave (about 5 minutes later). While we were standing up to start collecting our things when she came back to two drinks and told us to enjoy……. our faith in Pranna instantly restored

continuing our current high, the hors d’oeuvres that were promised at the event were finally being served. Of course, since it took so long, the Velosciraptors were working in overtime this time around. The servers barely had one foot out of the kitchen before they were decended upon like well…….Velosciraptors (who’ve been purposely starved for at least a week). Anyway, as I stated before when taking the video, it was crowded. They had a very nice and thick crowded

With the Bollywood music playing and the drinks and food flowing, Dave and I really started enjoying ourselves (mostly because we were laughing at the people chasing down the food servers). Dave even had me take a photo of him with the trophy

During all this, Patty and I were texting each other back and forth (she threatening to come to Pranna but she was too comfy at home). Anyway, the highlight of the evening was not the food (although it was insanely delicious), it was the amazing Bollywood dance performance.

Unfortunately they kept the lights dark (it got a bit brighter towards the end), so you couldn’t really see much of the performance via video, so I took both photos (see above) and video (see below)

So although the evening started off a bit off, it ended much better than worse and I’m happy for that.

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