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Rolling Stone Live with Peter Bjorn & John @ The Hard Rock Times Square

Peter Bjorn and John is a Swedish indie rock band from Stockholm and Alex and I (everyone else was either sick, working late or was too tired to hang out) were going to see them perform at the Hard Rock in Times Square. Since Alex literally worked right across the street from the Hard Rock, he got there in no time and I am so grateful for that because by the time I got there, the line was already ridiculously long. After a short wait time where all ID’s had to be checked, in we went to check our names off the guestlist, got our wristbands and headed on to the Jameson Whiskey, Rolling Stone, Harper’s Island, CKone and Pinnacle Vodka sponsored event. Already there was a nice size crowd in the darkened event space

Before we hit one of the two Jameson bars we saw, I snapped quick pics of ckOne promo models and display and of course, of Alex

We left the bar each with a Jameson and ginger (ale) and made our way to the main floor infront of the stasge where we’d get a perfect view of the stage. While waiting for the opening act to come on stage, I took a few shots (camera, not alcohol)

Wondered what the hell Harper’s Island was and decided it must be a cross between Lost and/or Survivor-esque shows but didn’t get to think mor eon it because a gentleman from Rolling Stone csame on to introduce the opening act, Burke (some of you gossip hounds might remember Jamie Burke, the ckOne model who dated Sienna Miller and Lindsay Lohan but don’t hold that against him). I really enjoyed their set, one of my favorite songs is called “Lovers Lose” (video #2) and the song inspired by ckOne (video #2). I got some video snippets for your enjoyment

Also got some great photos of them performing

Sometime during all of this, Alex got us more drinks (really strong drinks) but we were far from tipsy then (the same couldn’t be said of a few people around us including one woman who kept on trying to touch Alex and “accidentally” bump into him…..did I mention she was at least 50-55 yrs old?) Even with that, we were having a great time

Burke played for another 10 minutes and then was off; time to set up for Peter Bjorn and John and time for another round of another Jameson & Ginger (again REALLY strong). I think the bartender was trying to save the gingerale instead of the Jameson

As the stage was being set up for them, I took a shot of the crowd that was around us and more of the stage as the band was setting up

By this time, the 1000 proof Jameson was doing it’s job and luckily it came right about the time the band started playing. I got video snippets of them as well

Jameson up to full blast at this point and I had to let out a bit of the wild side, so I took a break from filming and started rocking out nonstop for at least 15 minutes then I took more photos

After sobering up a bit, it’s back to taking some video and what better time than for the song that made Peter Bjorn and John famous here, “Young Folks”

The crowd went wild, we went wild, it was a wild night. We pretty much left right after this song because Alex and I were beyond starving. We happily grabbed our coats, was surprised to get a giftbag

and ran out like two on the hunt scavengers. We ended up at Grey’s Papaya on 8th and devoured two hot dogs each (what is it about drunk eating that makes everything taste insanely good). All in all, a top night.

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That Alex is hot and sexy – if I was a 50+ COUGAR I wanna keep my hands on him too !!!!!!!!


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