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Burju Shoe Launch

Yes it’s another shoe event, what can I say, I am drawn to beautiful shoes. But beautiful is not the only word to describe Burju Shoes, comfortable, sexy and stylish also make good adjectives. Believe it or not, I love to dance and I can dance for hours on end (if the music is right and my shoes do not destroy my feet) and Burju shoes are made for people like me. If you’re a woman and you’re out dancing, you know you can only dance for so long before your feet are crying for mercy. The beauty of Burju Shoes is not just in the style, it’s in the comfort as well (and oh my god are they comfortable). Kim and I arrived at Nest Lounge, to find the event in full swing, there was a very nice crowd, more than half of which were trying on shoes. The rest were enjoying drinks and hors d’oeuvres (Patty was there too but she didn’t stay long as she wasn’t feeling well)

Created by dancer, choreographer and designer Burju Perez, who like me has spent many years searching for comfortable shoes that are also chic to go out in. I did a video interview with Burju (apologies as it was pretty dark in there, so the beginning is a bit dark but it gets much better)

Burju walked me through her line and as I stated before, they are beautiful. While everyone was trying out shoes in putting in their custom orders, I took that time to take a few photos of the shoes

including a better shot of the shoes she was wearing which are absolutely gorgeous. I love the color combination.

Anyway, the best part of course is that you can have your shoes custom made (in one of the many boutiques that carry the line or online), you can select your shoe style, color, trim, details and even beadwork (if you want) and Burju will create your masterpiece.

Along with the shoes on display, the event also had models on stands wearing the shoes

So Kim and I were enjoying the hors d’oeuvres (no drinks for us this time) and checking out the shoes. We stayed for a while but exhaustion started creeping in for both of us. We said goodbye to Alyson from AMP3 PR (she put on the event) and grabbed our giftbag.

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