BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Project Your Imagination Competition

go here Bombay Sapphire®, the top valued and fastest growing premium gin in the world is launching a new worldwide competition that offers the once in a lifetime chance to project imagination to the world. The worldwide “Project Your Imagination” competition has been created by Bombay Sapphire to demonstrate their belief in the power of imagination. The prize for the winning vision will be to work with the best creatives in the world to create a cutting edge 3D projection using truly unique and breakthrough technology. Entrants from around the globe could enter in any way; as long as it was truly imaginative and would inspire others*. As inspiration, Bombay Sapphire screened its own projection using the cutting-edge projection technology. The spectacular vision filled the iconic London building, Queen’s House at the Old Royal Naval College, with a sapphire blue ocean and sea creatures inspired by the building’s naval history, before bursting with butterflies and then seemingly succumbing to a tremor and exploding into thousands of small sapphires as part of the grand finale. You can view the video for inspiration at!/bombaysapphire

kaletra effetti collaterali
Voted for by Facebook fans and online communities, the Global winner of the ‘Project Your Imagination 2010’ competition will not only work with the best creative experts in the world to bring their imagination to life and design the next projection to be launched May 2011 but will also receive £5000 cash prize and will be invited as the guest of honor at the grand reveal of their Imagination Projection. For more details on the competition and to vote for the contestant you believe is most imaginative, visit!/bombaysapphire Standing out from the crowd since launch, the brand has long supported the world of design and innovative ways of thinking as it is itself the product of creative and skilled transformation of the finest raw ingredients. With its tantalizing, smooth and complex taste and striking translucent blue glass bottle, zithromax for sale Bombay Sapphire is best known for its superior quality and progressive design. Bombay Sapphire Marketing Manager, Richard McLeod comments: “Since launch generic kaletra tablets Bombay Sapphire has driven the re-invigoration of the gin category and captured consumer’s imagination instantly through its distinctive and smooth taste resulting from the combination of 10 hand selected exotic botanicals and unique distillation process. These qualities and its translucent, blue glass bottle are what set lopinavir coronavirus buy online Bombay Sapphire apart from other gins. We have continued to drive this excitement through our close relationship with the design community and preserved the essence of Imagination throughout the years through innovative and exciting campaigns.

Richard McLeod continues: “The ‘Project Your Imagination’ Competition is designed to inspire people and give an outlet for the resulting imaginative thoughts in a spectacular way. We’re delighted to be the first to try and capture the public’s imagination in this manner and host a uniquely open competition that we hope will truly result in a breath-taking vision come to life”.

kaletra 2 *Entrants must be over legal drinking age

For more Information on how to enter please visit:!/bombaysapphire

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