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Bring Me White Wine – Part 1

Unlike probably the majority of the world, I am not a lover of Red Wine, the reddest I’d go is a rose (though I do love a good Sangria but more on that later), so when I find a good white wine, I definitely pounce. Recently I was introduced to two wine houses – Chateau Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and Erath Winery and their delicious white wines.

The first white I tried was the 2009 Eroica Riesling (I must not that Rieslings are my favorite white wines).

Produced by two of the world’s great Riesling producers, the Old World’s Dr. Loosen Estate of Germany, and the other from the New World, Chateau Ste. Michelle of Washington state, Eroica is both bold and elegant. Named after Beethoven’s Third Symphony, Eroica reflects not only its variety but it’s heritage. I tried this wine very chilled and paired with seafood but my favorite was when I paired with a sauteed Striped Bass with light garlic and heavy butter. The combination of the savory fish with this crisp semi-dry Riesling.

Next was the Erath 2009 Oregon Pinot Gris – a multi-fruit flavored and fragrance white

This lovely wine has so many flavors from various fruit, it seemed a perfect wine to do a white Sangria. I added strawberries, blackberries, mandarins and blueberries to soak in the 2009 Erath Oregon Pinot Gris for a few days but I took it a step further and blended it to create a White Sangria Smoothie.

The result was a perfect drink with this tart and slightly bitter white. I alternated between the smoothie and an untampered glass of the Erath which really brought out a grapefruity taste. I also enjoyed a glass with a dinner – Shrimp in Garlic Sauce which some might say it too spicy for it but it made me enjoy the wine more.

The last wine I tried was Snoqualmie Naked 2009 Chardonnay Organic Wine

Organic lovers will love this White Wine – tart and fruity, this unoaked wine starts and ends with an apple taste. It paired quite nicely with the fish curry I had from my new favorite Indian restaurant but also went well with a light chicken dish, like a grilled chicken salad.

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