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Glam Rock Watches Newest Collections

I had the pleasure of getting really up close and personal with Glam Rock Watches (I tried quite a few on) and also had the pleasure of getting better acquainted with the line and their newest collection from Founder and Owner, Enrico Margaritelli. The collection is amazing and the Just Click Technology of Glam Rock Watches is ingenious. I drooled throughout the entire presentation…..when you feast your eyes on the photos below, you will understand why

You may remember I previously covered Glam Rock Watches, specifically their Sobe Collection – reminisce a little by clicking HERE. With Glam Rock Watches’s innovative and sophistication, you have the ability to change the band and the case cover to whatever you desire. Go from a sleek black patent leather band and silver case cover to an animal print band and gold case cover or add a bit of diamonds for some sparkle – all in the same watch.

You can match your entire wardrobe without having to buy several different watches. Go from bold color to all white and anything in between if you so desire.

For example, this holiday season, if you’d like to add a bit of shine, just add either the metallic silver or gold leather bands and coordinating case cover (featured in the photo below)

The possibilities are endless with Glam Rock Watches, all you need in one watch and a collection of these (see below)

But why not get first hand knowledge on Glam Rock Watches and the Just Click Technology from the creator himself, Enrico Margaritelli in the video below:

To find out more information on Glam Rock Watches and their Sobe or Miami or Miami Beach Collections, go to

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