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Red Carpet Manicure’s Guide to Patriotic Drag Art Nails

Hey All, Nelly here with a trend I’m excited to try this holiday. The newest and hottest nail polish trend out now is Drag Art and in celebration of The July 4th holiday (and the fact that I will be doing this trend myself), I present Red Carpet Manicure’s Guide to Patriotic Drag Art Nails. You may remember me writing a few times about the awesomeness of Red Carpet Manicure, the first at-home LED gel system. Danielle Candido, a Red Carpet Manicure’s Nail Technician has presented a step by step guide to achieve the Patriotic drag nails look for the 4th of July.

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To begin, you need the colors

The above three colors are: Red Carpet Reddy, White Hot and Drop Dead Gorgeous

  1.  Paint the whole nail with Red Carpet Reddy 
  2. Before curing the second coat of color, take a striping brush and lay down a stripe of Drop Dead Gorgeous. Do not cure this layer. 
  3. Clean the brush and lay down a stripe of White Hot either right next to the first stripe or even down the center of the first stripe. Do not cure this layer. 
  4. Clean the brush. 
  5. Next, with the thin edge of the flattened striping brush, pull the tip of the brush through all the lines in a pre-determined pattern and cure. 
  6. Apply a thin coat of Brilliance Top Coat. Cure and wipe with Purify 

And that is it. You can drag the lines horizontal, vertical or diagonal – whatever your heart desires. Happy July 4th.

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