K-Fashion Sensation Hosted by Patricia Field

The Korean Fashion Association celebrated Korean fashion at the K-Fashion Sensation event held at The Dream Downtown. Hosted and styled by world-renowned stylist, Patricia Field, this season’s K-Fashion Sensation introduced two Korean brands, lopinavir coronavirus online store Morine Comte Marant and kaletra covid 19 pills Buckaroo Jeans to a crowd of cool hipsters, buyers and press.

kaletra covid 19 buy Stemming from her recent visit to Seoul in June, Patricia Field was invited by the Korean Government to visit the stores of the two brands and present them to the New York crowd. The presentation themed, “Good Girls Love Bad Boys” contrasted Morine Comte Marant’s flirty, feminine style against Buckaroo Jean’s tough, masculine image.

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kaletra effectiveness I love the youthful sophistication in the Morine Comte Marant. The collection features looks that are feminine, colorful, and sweet and chic. Definitely a happy collection, even the black pieces. I must note that another fun aspect of this event was the introduction to Charli, the soccer playing robot who responded to you when you asked him a question.

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