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Bioré Presents an Exclusive Reading with Bestselling Author Jane Green

Here I am rescued once again by a friend and fellow blogger who happily attended and cover an event for me – one that happened to include two of my favorite things – Biore and Bestselling Author, Jane Green (I have several of her books – hello Jemina J). Anyway, why I was on a boat on the river, Christine Ongsueng of the stepped in for me, see her experience below:

One cool night in October, Bioré invited bloggers and book lovers for a night of fun and cocktails with New York Times Bestselling author, Jane Green. The event was in celebration of Jane Green’s partnership with Biore and was aptly held at the Library Hotel on Madison Avenue. Biore‘s initiative is to be a part of every young woman’s life — whether she’s getting ready for a job interview, a night out, or getting married. And who knows more about the trials and tribulations that young ladies face today better than the author who many can relate to?

Jane Green wrote a short story just for Biore called “A Walk in the Park”. Upon hearing her read an excerpt, it was clear that she is very much attune to what goes through a woman’s head as she goes about her day, meets new people, and deal with epic personal issues. Naturally, her story included a little Biore plug that resonated well with the crowd. It did not seem like a blatant product promo. The way she incorporated it into her story was quite true to life. Once a woman finds a product she loves, she is attached and loyal to it. Jane Green, herself, revealed her love for Biore’s Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, which just goes to show that just like her characters, she is down to earth and relatable.

It wasn’t just a book reading either – a lot of bloggers are big writers so if you put a load of them in a room with a famous author, you’re bound to end up hearing a lot of questions being asked! Jane gave advice to the budding writers in the room, saying that you can use story prompts to help kick-start a story that you’ve been struggling to write. I’m not big on writing (other than my blog) but I could tell a lot of people took her advice to heart so it was nice seeing so many people benefit from the night!

Attendees were privy to that preview and a gift bag full of Biore essentials such as their new combination skin line, pore scrub, and pore strips as well as Jane Green’s highly anticipated new book, Another Piece of My Heart. Everyone will also get a chance to download her short story, “A Walk in the Park,” for free on Biore’s Facebook Page starting November 1st, 2012.

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