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The only thing fashion lovers love more than great designer fashion and accessories is great designer fashions and accessories at a lower price – even if it’s pre-owned. While there are several sites set up to help refurbish your wardrobe and perhaps help with your spring cleaning – only one online consignment shop is solely dedicated to luxury clothing and accessories. High-end designer lovers will love Shop Hers, a new luxury e-commerce marketplace where true lovers of designer fashions can both sell and buy hand-picked, premium, pre-owned clothing and accessories.

The beauty and uniqueness of Shop Hers is it uses similarities in the body measurements and personal style of its users, making it possible for strangers to get direct access to the closets of other fashion lovers with similar style and taste allowing you  to discover your “Style Soul Mates”. All merchandise is hand-selected, manually inspected and authenticated by a team of Shop Her professionals. There is No bidding. No time clock. No constant monitoring. Just the joy of shopping. Who is behind this amazing new e-commerce marketplace?

Created by in November 2012 by 29 year old Jaclyn Shanfeld (pictured above) and a team of e-commerce experts coming from UTA and Shoe Dazzle, Shop-Hers makes selling pieces from your closet easier than ever. “Shanfeld set out to create an outlet for women to sell and shop online with total conviction. With the authentication, sizing, return and verification processes, both buyers and sellers are ensured the most enjoyable and efficient experience with online shopping.” With a few clicks, you can own several high-end fashion pieces directly from the seller. With a 14-day return policy through the Shop Hers customer service team, returns are user-friendly!

Labels like Chloe, Prada, Chanel, Michael Kors, Celine, Marc Jacobs, etc are just a few of what awaits you on Shop Hers for a fraction of their original cost. What’s more, clothes are seen on actual people, not mannequins; you can return items and bargain with your buyer/seller ( whether you’re buying or selling, you can speak with the items’ owners/sellers or buyers so you both feel like you got the best deal). Not sure where to begin, the search capability is easy and is divided into designers, product and price. So what are you waiting for – high-end designer labels await you at Shop Hers.

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