Welcome to the Neighborhood: 2nd STREET Opens Chelsea Location

Welcome to the Neighborhood: 2nd STREET Opens Chelsea Location

New York City, the fashion capital of the world, has a new addition to love. 2nd STREET, a luxury, vintage, second-hand store that has more than 600 locations in Japan, opened its second NYC location in the very cool Chelsea neighborhood. With its massive success in Japan and the NoHo location, it’s no surprise that more locations were on the horizon; stay tuned for their SoHo location to open next. Much to the delight of vintage fashion, luxury designer lovers, and trendsetters, 2nd STREET promises and delivers a fashion mecca where anyone is sure to find unique pieces.

Welcome to the Neighborhood: 2nd STREET Opens Chelsea Location

On our venture to the new Chelsea location, we found ourselves surrounded by multiple racks of highly desirable designer labels; all handpicked by 2nd STREET’s international team of talented stylists. We promise once you walk into this second-hand store, you will enjoy a shopping experience like never before. First, the store was impeccable, and I mean impeccable.  The store is basically a dream for someone with OCD; everything is perfectly in place, even after shoppers have rifled through the racks in search of treasures. This is all due to their exceptional customer service which is inspired by “Omotenashi,” the unique Japanese approach to hospitality, in a clean, organized environment.

Welcome to the Neighborhood: 2nd STREET Opens Chelsea Location Welcome to the Neighborhood: 2nd STREET Opens Chelsea Location

You’ll be amazed by the long list of high-end labels that are readily available. We saw Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcon, Vivienne Westwood, Celine, Y-3, Supreme, Rick Owens, Burberry, Tory Burch, and much more. It also boasts a large selection of handbags and accessories from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci. While we saw a few items that had two, sometimes three, 99% of the store features one-of-a-kind finds. The nearly 3,000 sq. ft. store boasts over 10,000 pieces. You are sure to find unique vintage and second-hand pieces without the hefty price tag of buying brand new.

Although it took some time going through the multiple rows, we found great pieces from Vivienne Westwood and Max Mara. You can check out our full shopping experience on our Instastory.

For those who feel uneasy about shopping in person, although 2nd STREET is adhering to the strictest health and safety guidelines set by the state and the CDC, you can shop 2nd STREET’s largest selection of inventory via their online store.

“What’s most fun about shopping at 2nd STREET, besides the attractive price tag, is finding items that really speak to you and also knowing that you’re not going to run into anyone else who is rocking your unique style,” continued Mr. Kikuchi.

In addition to helping reduce global landfill waste by buying and selling gently used clothing, 2nd STREET’s Hand2Hand Project ensures all garments that arrive in their stores are reused in some way. Any items they cannot sell are donated to a partner company that will recycle the clothing to clean up oil spills. Other items are sent to third world countries to create job opportunities and provide clothing to those in need. The 2nd STREET Chelsea store is located at 142 W. 26th Street.

Couture Du Jour | 2014 Couture Jewelry Preview

Once again we were invited to drool over……I mean preview some of the most stunning Couture jewelry pieces we’ve ever seen. We were stunned into awed silence as we moved from display to display and introduced to a beguiling curated collection of couture jewelry designers, one of which we were already fans of (great seeing the Buddha Mama team again). We were treated to the stunning work of Yoko London, Pinar Oner, Buddha Mama, Anthony Lent, Pamela Huizenga, and Clara Williams Company. One thing we love about attending the Couture preview is the chance to meet with and speak directly to the designers.


Yoko London

We’ve always been a quiet fan of pearls, but the gorgeous pink pearl pieces from Yoko London makes us want to shout our love from the rooftops. While every piece was divine, we found ourselves completely under the spell of their Blossom, Twilight, and Kaleidoscope Collections. One piece that stood out significantly was the gradient pink, 3-strand pink pearl necklace from the Blossom Collection, inspired by London in the springtime. You can see an equally enchanting version of it in black and white in the above photo. Our favorite piece boasts south sea, Akoya, and naturally colored pink freshwater pearls, and almost 6 karats in diamonds on an 18K rose gold necklace. As you can see above, Yoko London has lots to bewitch you with. The company boasts generations of work in jewelry and has worked exclusively in pearls since the 1970’s. They currently have 10 collections of exquisite pearl jewelry in a variety of colors.


Pinar Oner

Ever look at a piece of art or sculpture and be transported to what inspired it? That was our experience with the pieces we saw from the Pinar Oner collection. Inspired by old texts, folklore, ruins and artifacts from the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, as well as the Seljuks in Anatolia, the Hittites, central Asian motifs, nature, etc, the Pinar Oner collection offers a view into a world that’s sometimes forgotten by modern times. The bold pieces honor the beauty of these ancient civilizations. we find ourselves drawn to the geometric shapes and symmetry of the Seljuk Art collection, the intricate details and color of the Ottoman Designs and Hagia Sophia collections, and the stunning surprise details of the Ionians collection. Every collection is amazing and must be explored deeply.



 You may remember our previous coverage of the Buddha Mama Collections, well they are back with even more stunning pieces. This time, we were blown away from Buddha Mama’s Auspicious (top row) and the Havana Nights collections. You may remember the Auspicious collection featured eight Auspicious tokens of good fortune that represent the offerings made to Buddha once he reached enlightenment. We’re in love with the elephant pendant, lotus flower earrings, and the Buddha on lotus flower pendant. What can we say about the Havana Nights collection, other than we want it all! Everything you need to know about these gorgeous pieces can be seen in the spectacular cocktail ring, it’s such a fabulous piece.



Who better than a masterful jewelry artist and teacher to present a remarkably eye-catching couture jewelry collection. Lent’s inspiration for his couture pieces comes from sculptural figures, celestial bodies, human faces, and fabled creatures. His Celestial collection perfectly captures the man in the moon whose face makes both prominent and subtle appearances; the Fearless collection celebrates the dark lore with serpents, skulls, and creatures of the night; the Anatomy collection is just what you’d expect, a celebration of the human form and features; we especially love the pieces from the Victory collection for its celebration and romance of angels and cherubs. There’s lots more to ogle from Anthony Lent, we invite you to visit his website.



If stunning gemstones excite you, get ready to be hypnotized by the mesmerizing pieces from lapidarist Pamela Huizenga. We’ve always been huge fans of opals and her collection is brimming with the opulent gemstones in a variety of spellbinding hues. Her one-of-a-kind pieces celebrate the calming and dramatic force of the oceans, the serene and yet vibrant colors of the deserts and the contrasting hues of the world’s forests. If you’re looking for necklaces, rings, or bracelets that will leave you starry-eyed, look no further than Pamela Huizenga’s collection.



This collection perfectly marries elegant designs and versatility. Pieces from Clara Williams Company are interchangeable and boasts patent-pending adapters which allows necklaces can be worn alone or embellished with a variety of centerpieces that virtually snap into place; earrings can be changed from simple classic hoops to drop earrings with the additions of collapsible posts and clips, and pin adapters convert any of their pins into necklace embellishments. This collection is great for those of you who love your wardrobe to be multitasking, takes you from day to night, and makes a statement.

We can’t select one favorite couture jewelry designer as they all have several pieces that enthrall us. Any favorite pieces that stand out to you guys? What are your favorites?

Sarah Jessica Parker Sweetens the Red Carpet in Schiaparelli Haute Couture

We don’t normally do celebrity fashion but we were just so in love with Sarah Jessica Parker’s red carpet look at the amfAR Inspiration Gala, which celebrated men’s fashion and style while raising funds for amfAR’s lifesaving AIDS research programs, that we had to highlight it. The stunning gown is from the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 collection.
HD Sarah Jessica Parker in Schiaparelli Haute Couture 10th of June

The stunning long ivory silk chiffon dress features a beautifully romantic bodice, off-the-shoulder draped sleeves (highlighting the actress’s toned arms), and boasts an all-over, pretty pastel-hued “Les Bonbons” print, which are types of sweets/candy…… especially small candies covered in chocolate. We are fans of Schiaparelli’s bold and eye-catching hand-painted prints and have loved the couturier from afar (we love bold prints), so it caught us off-guard to fall for this subtle yet sweet (no pun intended) print….of course we may just be in love with the remarkable silhouette of the dress…..can you blame us!

What do you think of Sarah Jessica Parker in Schiaparelli Haute Couture?

Wearable Art – Couture Jewelry Collections

When most think of Couture, they think fashion but the world of couture extends to much more. Couture jewelry is an art form all on its own. Couture Jewelry designers seamlessly fuse old world craftsmanship, modern and contemporary influences into amazing works of art. We recommend you get acquainted with these few of the stunning couture jewelry collections that are taking hold of our attention.

SYNA – featuring natural gemstones with sophisticated craftsmanship, Syna, which means “together”, has created many vibrant and exciting collections that are both striking and simple. Designers Dharmesh and Namrata carefully selects each stone for its color and quality and showcases them in the most beautiful silhouettes like the Large all-pave Mogul drop with champagne diamonds, Tassel Necklaces, and Stackable rings and bracelets, some of which are shown below

syna group

AS29 – Created with the precision applied to any chemical compound, the collection’s name is inspired by the elements of the period table, designer Audrey Savransky’s initials, and her lucky number. The pieces are delicate and feminine. Alluring diamond encrusted curves form rings, hearts, and flowers. The necklace pendants hang from slender gold chains while the bracelets are made from vivid colors of the season, using all the colors of diamonds, sapphire, rubies and amethyst available.

AS29 Group

AMALI – combining natural elements with knotted strings to form intricate wearable art, linking and mold metal and drawing inspiration from the natural landscapes and vibrant textiles that colored her travels, designer Sara Freedenfeld has created a line of jewelry that delicately unites the natural simplicity of handcrafted artistry with the sophistication and glamour of high fashion.

Amali Group

VICTOR VELYAN – influenced by the old Aragon world (autonomous communities in Spain), architecture, music, nature, travel, unique cultures, history and fine art, jewelry designer, Victor Velyan combines metals and conglomerations of various gemstones. Diamonds accent his pieces to make bold statements. Also influenced by Africa, its people, its nature and especially the animals, Veylan presents a couture jewelry collection brimming with exotic glamor.

Victor Velyan Group

JACQUIE AICHE – With a collection that boasts the very best of 18 and 14 karat gold and sterling silver, fresh, young jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche adeptly blends diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pink tourmalines with organic materials such as minerals, rocks, and fossils to create her elegantly unique pieces. Blending elements from her unique background (her father is Egyptian and her mother is American Indian) and her own personal style. We see pieces fit for goddesses; amulets and hammered gold integrated into contrasting natural minerals, gemstones, turquoise and fossils, all of which are reminiscent of the Native American jewelry of her mother’s heritage.

Jacquie Aiche Group

PAMELA HUIZENGA – Certified as a Lapidarist (an expert on precious stones – engraving and cutting), Pamela Huizenga started her first jewelry company at the age of 19. Her stunning collection is bursting with beautiful opals, which she incorporates into almost every piece.
Pamela Huizenga Group
We’re sure you’ll love these couture jewelry collections, the question is, which are your favorite pieces?

Shop Hers and Make it Yours

The only thing fashion lovers love more than great designer fashion and accessories is great designer fashions and accessories at a lower price – even if it’s pre-owned. While there are several sites set up to help refurbish your wardrobe and perhaps help with your spring cleaning – only one online consignment shop is solely dedicated to luxury clothing and accessories. High-end designer lovers will love Shop Hers, a new luxury e-commerce marketplace where true lovers of designer fashions can both sell and buy hand-picked, premium, pre-owned clothing and accessories.

The beauty and uniqueness of Shop Hers is it uses similarities in the body measurements and personal style of its users, making it possible for strangers to get direct access to the closets of other fashion lovers with similar style and taste allowing you  to discover your “Style Soul Mates”. All merchandise is hand-selected, manually inspected and authenticated by a team of Shop Her professionals. There is No bidding. No time clock. No constant monitoring. Just the joy of shopping. Who is behind this amazing new e-commerce marketplace?

Created by in November 2012 by 29 year old Jaclyn Shanfeld (pictured above) and a team of e-commerce experts coming from UTA and Shoe Dazzle, Shop-Hers makes selling pieces from your closet easier than ever. “Shanfeld set out to create an outlet for women to sell and shop online with total conviction. With the authentication, sizing, return and verification processes, both buyers and sellers are ensured the most enjoyable and efficient experience with online shopping.” With a few clicks, you can own several high-end fashion pieces directly from the seller. With a 14-day return policy through the Shop Hers customer service team, returns are user-friendly!

Labels like Chloe, Prada, Chanel, Michael Kors, Celine, Marc Jacobs, etc are just a few of what awaits you on Shop Hers for a fraction of their original cost. What’s more, clothes are seen on actual people, not mannequins; you can return items and bargain with your buyer/seller ( whether you’re buying or selling, you can speak with the items’ owners/sellers or buyers so you both feel like you got the best deal). Not sure where to begin, the search capability is easy and is divided into designers, product and price. So what are you waiting for – high-end designer labels await you at Shop Hers.

BONFAIRE.COM | Changing the Way You Shop

The New York Fall 2013 Collection shows just finished and as expected there were several things I saw that I can’t wait to get in my closet, not just the clothing but the accessories as well. Naturally I know I’m not the only one, we lovers of fashion can’t help but want something special, something that no one else has and to be the first to get our hands on what no one else has – this is where comes in. Bonfaire offers stunning footwear, handbags and accessories from high-end designers that are not yet available for purchase. With a tagline similar to Vogue’s – “Before it’s anywhere, it’s on Bonfaire”, you know you’ll get your fashion wishlist granted.

What exactly is Bonfaire? Bonfaire “showcases the next season’s hottest shoes, handbags and accessories from the world’s most luxurious fashion designers, all available for pre-order”. Not only do you get an exclusive first look but you also get first access to shop these amazing collections. It’s like being a buyer and your closet is your own private chic boutique. Get your hands on the must-haves accessories before they are sold out for the season with some items exclusive to Bonfaire and not be available anyway else in the US. What fab Fall 2013 must-haves can you get your hands on now? Stunning clutches from Vicki Von HolzHausen, eye-catching handbags from such labels as BE&D, Z Spoke by Zac Posen and Kooba, statement heels from Alexandre Birman and Ivy Kirzhner, cute flats from Pretty Ballerinas, etc

To get you started, here is $100 off to use towards any purchase once you sign up for a Bonfaire account – Some of the amazing upcoming Fall 2013 sales include:

Feb 18th – Pretty Ballerinas (Footwear)
Feb 19th – Alexandre Birman (Footwear)
Feb 20th – Bottletop (Handbags)
Feb 21st – Vita Fede (Jewelry)
Feb 22nd – Kooba (Handbags)
Feb 25th – Edmundo Castillo (Footwear)
Feb 26th – Missoni (Footwear)
Feb 27th – Charline de Luca (Footwear)
Feb 28th – Sebastian (Footwear)

Check out the video below for a further sneak peek at what Bonfaire has to offer: