Watch Out NYC! The Pain Fairies Have Arrived

Living in the fast paced city of New York can cause a few pains here and there and of course attending NYFW brings on its own range of pain – headache, back pain, foot pain, etc but thanks to UrgentRx, the Pain Fairies (aka men in tutu’s!) can be battled with relief making the most hectic and most fashionable week in New York a little more pain-free.

These manly pain fairies (headache, heartburn and allergies) will be roaming the streets of NYC both this week and next week (specifically targeting Fashion Week, US Open, Citi Field and Key Election Polls) dolling out their usual pain but UrgentRx Fast Powders, a fast-acting medication that work without water and go anywhere you go will come to the rescue. Just rip open the credit card sized package, pour the flavored powder medications directly in your mouth and stand by for record time relief. So if you’re suffering from any of the above ailments, keep an eye out for UrgentRx and see what the Pain Fairies are up to at

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