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BeauTeas: Welcome Beauty From Within With These Organic Teas

Glasgow Skinner
Many wonderful clean beauty products help you achieve your skin goals on the outside; today, we're highlighting one that will bring out your beauty from...
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Relieve Common Ailments with These Delicious, Healthy Teas

Glasgow Skinner
As we've mentioned numerous times over the years, we're tea addicts. We love all things tea. Whether it's tea in its typical form or in...
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What’s Your Post Lockdown Health and Wellness Plan?

Glasgow Skinner
As we slowly emerge from being shackled to our homes for the past year and a half, we can't help but think of ways to...
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Zorbies Underwear: Secure, Comfortable Period & Incontinence Undies

Glasgow Skinner
Despite what the commercials try to project, no one is happy on their periods or gleefully accidentally wetting themselves. Getting your period sucks on all...
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AirPop Active+: The World’s First Smart Air Wearable Face Mask

Glasgow Skinner
Contrary to popular belief, not every state has eliminated the mask mandate (we're looking at you NYC and the mask-burning events). The fact is, even...
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The Anti-Hangover Beverage: Magic Bullet Nutritional Hangover Prevention

Glasgow Skinner
Two major shifts happened during the pandemic; many people started drinking more and many put their health and wellness into high gear. If you're anything...
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Boxed Water: Say Goodbye to Single Use Plastic Water Bottles

Glasgow Skinner
Despite the strides made in ocean cleanup and other cleanup projects, there's still so much that has to be done to clean up the environment....
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Sip into Relaxation: PepsiCo Launches NEW Wellness Beverage, Driftwell

Contributing Writer
That's why PepsiCo is launching Driftwell. Driftwell is an enhanced water beverage that contains L-theanine, which helps promote relaxation. This drink is non-carbonated and is...