HAYARI Paris Launches Only For Him & Le Paradis de l’Homme Men’s Fragrances

Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard of HAYARI Paris, along with Crafting Beauty invited media to the World Bar at the Trump World Tower to celebrate the newest fragrance additions to their range with their first venture out of the women’s fragrance market and into men’s fragrance and to support the WCPUN’s “War against Child Labor”.

HAYARI Paris’ two new men’s fragrances – ONLY FOR HIM and Le Paradis de l’Homme were inspired   by the idea of the men whose love makes women feel beautiful. The two scents are both manly and tender at at the same time and magically convey HAYARI Paris’ couture values while respecting the codes of niche perfumery. both men’s fragrances boasts top, middle and base notes made of delicate flowers, precious woods, leather, spices, and have been constructed in the purest French Perfume tradition. Find out more about these new fragrances below:


A parallel to HAYARI Paris’ first fragrance for women, ONLY FOR HER, the elegant and sensual ONLY FOR HIM fragrance features woody and smoky exhalations which captivates and transports the senses with it’s combination of the masculinity of gaïac wood and benzoin, with the warmth of black pepper and amber. It also boasts the sensuality and tenderness of the white flowers (lily of the valley and jasmine), and bergamot.

Le Paradis de l’Homme

An olfactory dream and the perfect seductive diptych, Le Paradis de l’Homme’ sensual and couture leather scents redefines men’s luxury with a distinguished spirit and hints of luxe nature.  Le Paradis de l’Homme blends leather, musk and sandalwood to form contemporary, masculine, yet tender notes, while cedar wood and vetiver scents evoke the gardens of Eden and drapes one in oak moss and patchouli for more chic and chypre  (“a family of perfumes that are characterized by an accord composed of citrus top-notes, a middle centered on cistus labdanum, and a mossy-animalic base-note derived from oak moss and musks”*).

The fragrances’ 12-facets numbered bottles, assembled to couture standards and cradled in a unique blossoming case, express the harmony between the
opulence of a jewel and the fragility of a flower and reflect the luxury and exclusivity of the scents.

For a list on retailers which carries ONLY FOR HIM and le Paradis de l”Homme, visit Henri Bendel, CO Bigelow, New Beauty at Fred Segal, New London Pharmacy, or www.hayariparis.com.


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