Dorin Negrau Spring 2015 Collection

The mystery of the vampire lure made it’s way to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for Transylvania-born designer, Dorin Negrau, no we’re not talking Twilight, Vampire Diaries, or True Blood, we mean the original Dracula. The designer, presenting his collection for the first time in New York, found inspiration in traditional Romanian costumes, boasting the intricate embroidery and technique of his grandmother and woman of Romania.

see The layered collection featured a white and black color palette with a few pops on blush pink and bold accessories, flashes of skin, lace details, sheer and leather panels, cut outs, and shredding details and celebrates the duality of Dracula. What stood out to us were the looks with beautiful back details. If Dracula were around today, the Dorin Negrau Spring 2015 is what his brides would be wearing.

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