Oprah Dazzles in Lia Sophia Coliseum Earrings

Lia Sophia is now officially a part of history as the Big O aka Queen Oprah wore their Coliseum Earrings for last week’s taping of one of her final shows.

The understated gold hoops are thicker at the bottom and are decorated with cutouts which is what Oprah loved about them.

Infact, she loved the $44 hoops so much, she purchased them – they were not gifted to her, of course she can afford them a million times over but the fact that she actually purchased them says a lot. I’m sure these will sell out in 3….2…

Lia Sophia Industrielle Jewelry Collection

I love discovering new designers and of course during New York fashion Week, you  get to discover several new voices but this post isn’t about fashion, its about a gorgeous jewelry collection from Lia Sophia. Before attending the Lia Sophia Lounge during fashion week, I admit I was not at all familiar with the brand but that soon change when I laid my eyes on the first piece and instantly fell in love.

This preview lounge was to showcase the Indutrielle Collection, a design collaboration with Elena Kiam, Lia Sophia’s Creative Director and Co-founder, and Dani Stahl, the Style Director at Nylon magazine. the aptly named Industrielle Collection features mixed metals, a very modern architectural influence and bold details – I also got a sense of ancient Egyptian influence (do you agree?)

One of my favorite pieces (and the most popular with celeb guests and other editors) was the Global Tassel Necklace

This beauty features Black Diamond Crystals and Moss Green & Tortoise Resin in Matte Gold, a true statement piece. 

Another favorite were the Cone Necklaces and Cuffs – your choice of  Black Diamond Crystals and Green Enamel in Matte Gold or Cornflower Blue Enamel in Matte Silver. The Silver necklace and cuff are called blue bells because of the Cornflower blue enamel on the inside of the cones.

Lia Sophia is dedicated to its customers, each piece has a lifetime replacement guarantee, so no worries about your damaged pieces. Click the below video to see more pieces from Lia Sophia’s Industrielle collection

Lia Sophia has a network of Independent Advisors who bring you a jewelry party (they call it a Show) where you and your friends can get together and try on the latest designs. To find out more about putting on a Jewelry Show, click on Hostess Perks.