Deepa Gurnani Spring 2015 Jewelry & Accessories Collection

There are so many accessories that capture our hearts, we can’t help it, we love all things fashion. So years we’ve been drooling over and singing the praises of one accessory designer because their work just speaks to us on a level even we cannot understand so we don’t question it. We love everything that Deepa Gurnani does. The collection of jewelry and accessories from the stunning brand simply enchants us; the Deepa Gurnani Spring 2015 Collection is no different, every piece is a magnificent statement, from their intricately designed necklaces to their regal hair accessories, this collection of high fashion, Indian-inspired jewelry will make a fan out of you.

Their Spring 2015 Collection is filled with tremendous pieces that boast hand beading, embroidery, colorful crystal and glass embellishments, and leather. So many beautiful things to swoon over, we don’t know where to start. Whether you’re looking for standout bib necklaces or pendants, incredible statement earrings that celebs can’t help but love, or cuffs that are beyond compare, Deepa Gurnani’s selection should be your visit option.

We are already huge fans of their amazing headbands, and it’s quite difficult to select individual favorites, we love it all, but one item launched in winter really stays with us, the above-embellished earmuffs. We think it’s the personification of stylish winter wear and would try to find an excuse to wear it for spring as well. Are you loving the Deepa Gurnani Spring 2015 collection as much as we are?

Make a Statement with Nissa Jewelry

This horrendous winter has made us a bit apprehensive to wear any metal jewelry. The thought of our necklace or bracelets touching our skin after being exposed to the frigid the winter air gave us shivers but now that the temperatures are on the rise, we’re just about ready to rock our statement metal jewelry pieces. When we think of stunning, metal jewelry, we always think of Nissa Jewelry.
Nissa-Jewelry-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x644 Nissa-Jewelry2-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x677

Their pieces are so timeless, and work so well with so many looks, you can’t help but think of them as season-less. For example, these items we’re featuring today are from their fall/winter 2014 collection, but as you can see, can easily work all year round. We’re especially enamored with the bold, equestrian inspired Martingale Necklace, Waverly Bracelets, featured in the above photos, and the amazing Tinsley Cuff (featured below), which boasts fringe, a very hot trend for spring.

Nissa-Jewelry3-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x480 Nissa-Jewelry4-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x526

Of course, we are in love with several items from Nissa Jewelry, not just their necklaces and cuffs. we’re head over heels over their earrings, like the vintage-inspired Aurora Earrings, and their impactful hand bracelets, like the Rhiannon Hand Chain, both of which are shown below:

Nissa-Jewelry5-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x685 Nissa-Jewelry6-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x543

So many favorites, so little time space to share them all. This highlight doesn’t even begin to show all our favorite Nissa Jewelry pieces. If you needed any more reason why these pieces are amazing, several celebrities flock to this brand as their go-to for every day and statement pieces. Can you blame them? Can you see why we are head over heels for Nissa Jewelry?

Island Style: Anitanja Jewelry Collection Launch

Have you ever been introduced to something that truly speaks to you? Something that can remind you of your favorite place, thing or person. That is what we felt when we attended a preview event for jewelry designer, Anitanja Lawaetz’s US collection launch. The Anitanja Jewelry Collection was inspired by the gorgeous island of St. Lucia, a place we hold very near and dear to our hearts. Her jewelry line features six collections, inspired by various aspects of St. Lucia, from the iconic Pitons, to the cocoa pods. Get ready to fall in love with the Seed Collection, Sea Fan Collection, Piton Collection, Medallion Collection (available in gold and silver), Drift Cone Collection, and Cocoa Collection.

Want to learn more about each collection, and the inspiration behind it? Keep reading on to find out more information below and see our interview with Anitanja Lawaetz:

Seed Collection – inspired by the wild seeds Anitanja discovered walking her family’s estate in St. Lucia, these pieces feature tiny, textured, “wild seeds” strung together with brass to create elegant necklaces and bracelets.

Sea Fan Collection – Anitanja perfectly captures the beauty and delicate, openwork design look of sea fan corals found in the Caribbean Sea. The filigree-esque texture is highlighted in gold, black and silver tones with CZ accents, white, or white pearls. Ee are particularly in love with this collection’s CZ Cuff Bracelet and the Gemstone Collar Necklace.

Piton Collection – capturing the iconic “twin” Pitons, St. Lucia’s volcanic peaks and the most recognizable landmark on the island, this collection celebrates the Pitons with its pyramid-shaped stones, a symbol that is also featured on St. Lucia’s flag. Onyx and green malachite give pieces in this collection the design element to capture the majesty and beauty of these iconic peaks. We love how the Piton Mountain 2-Stone Malachite Ring captures the lush green color and size difference.

Medallion Collection – also inspired by Sea Fan Coral but with more geometric details and a structured design, pieces from the Medallion collection boasts a more versatile appearance that keeps your look contemporary while still remaining quite polished. This collection is available in both silver and gold and is more high-end, so therefore is at a higher price point. Our favorite piece is the stunning statement Bibb Necklace.

Drift Cone Collection – just as rocks gets their smooth texture in the rivers, drift wood gets distinctive shapes and textures from the waves of the sea. Drift cones are ample on the shores of St. Lucia and this collection captures the characteristics of an these unidentified seed cones. Black cultured freshwater pearls and ridged texture and groove patterns add luxury and edginess to these pieces. We love the 2-Tone Gemstone Cuff Bracelet, the Bronze Bangle Bracelet, and the 2-Tone Gemstone Drop Earrings.

Cocoa Collection – no we’re not talking chocolate diamonds; this collection celebrates both aspects of the cacao pod, the whole pod itself and the floral-esque shape that is seen when the pod is cut vertically…..these segmented pieces are the cross-sections. One look at the stunning Cocoa Pod Gemstone Drop Earrings or Gemstone Drop 8″ Bracelet and you’ll be in love.

We had the pleasure of talking to Anitanja about her stunning current collection, life on the beautiful island of St. Lucia, and the inspiration for her upcoming collections. Enjoy our interview below:

Pieces from the Anitanja Jewelry Collection can be purchased directly from her website,, as well as on

Cookie Lee’s Fall 2014 Collection Helps You Get The Look For Less!

Over time, we’ve learned that you can make any simple and plain outfit into a great one if you follow the 3 A’s: Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! Sometimes the right necklace or bracelet can really complete a look. However, like most things, accessories are usually either great quality and high priced, or low quality with a matching low price. Cookie Lee Jewelry and Accessories changes this seemingly tried and true fact – which is great for us women on a budget! Once we took a look at Cookie Lee’s Fall 2014 Collection, we fell in love with all of the new possibilities we had to create new, fresh looks with their accessories. Here are a few statement pieces by Cookie Lee that can really help bring that extra flare to an outfit:

Pairing any of the statement necklaces with a simple blouse, skinny jeans, and a pair of knee high boots would create the perfect fall look for a casual girl’s night out or date night. Here’s a look we put together to give you guys an idea of the chic style we are describing:


All pieces seen here are less than $50.00!! (Product names + prices are shown at the end of this post*)

This Boho Glam Turquoise Necklace featured below would be a great addition to the above-featured outfit. We think it’s a perfect way to add some color to an otherwise neutral, fall outfit. This piece is amazingly affordable at just $44.00! Cookie Lee’s collection is all essentially under $50! (How exciting is that?!)


Here are just a few other great looking pieces from the Cookie Lee Fall 2014 collection that particularly caught our eye (click on image to enlarge view):


Cookie Lee offers you great styles that help you keep up with the trends or start your own, with prices that won’t give you buyer’s remorse later. As a person who has suffered buyer’s remorse on many occasions, this is great news for me and my wallet. But…it gets even better! Cookie Lee has been in the business of direct sales for 23 years – and they are now offering e-commerce sales for the first time ever!! You can now shop for all of their fabulous accessories from the comfort of your home. Online sales now make Cookie Lee as accessible as they are affordable! Visit them at to shop quality accessories for less!

*Fashion pieces shown in outfit are:

Boho Glam Turquoise Necklace $44.00
Forever 21 Structured Mini Satchel $28.00
Dark Denim High Waist Jeans $36.00
UNIQLO Women Silk Long Sleeve Blouse $40.00
Double Bow Skinny Belt $6.90
Tall Zip-Back Riding Boots $40.00


AVON’s Fall 2014 Jewelry Collection

We admit it, we can be distracted with beautiful shiny things but then what woman doesn’t love great looking jewelry. Especially when they are so amazingly affordable. Hence that is why we are so in love with AVON’s Fall 2014 Jewelry Collection. If you’re ready for a modern mix of sophistication and chic accessories without breaking your bank, you should definitely explore this collection.


Featured above are the Boho Chic Glam Necklace ($19.99), Sophisticated Statement Necklace ($19.99), Modern Mix Multi-Chain Necklace ($24.99), Boho Chic Glam Bracelet ($12.99), Sophisticated Statement Drop Earrings ($9.99), and the Sophisticated Statement Bracelet ($12.99).

These pieces will compliment your fall looks perfectly, the above six, and much more, are available now on Is AVON’s Fall 2014 Jewelry Collection peeking your interest? Do you have a favorite piece?

When in Doubt, Just Add Sparkle | Deepa Gurnani Spring 2014

Deepa Gurnani once again wows me with their collection of stunning jewelry and accessory pieces featuring new and unusual beading and embroidery techniques. For spring, we continue to be dazzled by the neverending sparkle in everything from headbands, necklaces, belts and bags. Deepa Gurnani’s enchanting accessories are a great way to add a bit of sparkle to your daily wardrobe.

We can’t help but look at every piece from their collection and consider it a statement piece, whether they are chunky, bold pieces or single link chains with statement pendants, Deepa Gurnani‘s pieces will make you a standout. We love the mix of metallic threading, stunning embroidery, intricate beading, and woven cotten seen throughout the entire collection.

Although we tried, we couldn’t select any favorites as we are in love with it all. We can see every piece adding a bit of edge and eccentric beauty to our look. What do you think of the collection?

Wear Your Personal Number | Glitterrings Numbers Collection

Just about everyone of you most likely has a lucky number, a personal number that is important to you or lucky for you. This belief in the power of numbers comes from the study of Numerology, where every number has a meaning. Glitterrings Jewelry has a great collection of Number Pendants that celebrates what your special number says about you. This number represents who you are and gives incredible insights into your individual character and personality. Unlock your combination using your birthdate and find out what each number represents.

Your personal number is derived from the day of the month that you were born. Everyone has very distinct personality traits and one of the reasons for this is that your personal number has its own unique vibration. To find out your personal number, you must add both numbers in your birth date to get one single digit. For example (and mine is super easy) I was born on the 1st of November, which would make my personal number 1 (0+1). If I was born on the 11th of November, my personal number would then be 2 (1+1) or if I was born on the 23rd of November, my number would then be 5 (2+3) – you get the idea.

As a special detail, each Glitterrings Number Collection pendant is engraved with a unique characteristic on the back. You can wear your personal number to express your individual personality or wear one to represent a loved one that you want to keep close to your heart. See the number meanings below:

1 – Original, self-reliant, ambitious, dynamic, daring
2 – Charming, persuasive, kind, romantic, receptive
3 – Sociable, fun loving, creative, expressive, artistic
4 – Steadfast, visionary, hardworking, methodical, determined
5 – Adaptable, freedom-loving, versatile, clever, energetic
6 – Dependable, loyal, magnetic, responsible, nurturing
7 – Intuitive, discriminating, analytical, perfectionist, refined
8 – Authoritative, conservative, strong willed, builder, executive ability
9 – Energetic, dynamic, passionate, generous, humanitarian

Each pendant is 14K gold plated with a satin finish, features a clear Austrian Crystal and special characteristic inscribed on the back and comes on a 16″ with 3″ extender. Each number pendant retails  for $28.00 and can be purchased on