The Elephant Pants Holiday Pop-Up Shop

The Elephant Pants Holiday Pop-Up Shop at Columbus Circle

We love shopping, and we know many of you do too. We also love helping others and giving back in any way we can. Most of the time those two things don’t come together, but this holiday season, they do thanks to The Elephant Pants Holiday Pop-Up Shop. You may remember we declared our love for The Elephant Pants for great Thanksgiving style, and how these incredibly comfortable pants also helps saves Elephants. For every sale of any item sold at The Elephant Pants Holiday Pop-Up Shop, they will donate $1.00 – $4.00 to The African Wildlife Foundation to help end elephant poaching. The pop-up shop, located at the Columbus Circle Holiday Shops in New York City, will feature the entire collection, which includes the famed bohemian style pants we highlighted, rompers (which are incredibly cute), leggings, tapestries, shirts, kids clothing, and many more.

elephants pants - The Elephant Pants Holiday Pop-Up Shop

elephant harem rompers - The Elephant Pants Holiday Pop-Up Shop

How did Elephant Pants come to be? During a trip to Thailand in September 2013, the now Elephant Pants team stumbled upon the locally-made elephant pants. In their excitement, they purchased several pairs as gifts for their friends back in the United states. The Elephant Pants were such a hit in comfort and design, they saw the true potential for the idea they had in mind. As we highlighted in our Thanksgiving post, each of the Elephant Pants product styles are named after elephants that either died in captivity, are still being held captive, and those that were freed from circuses and zoos to live in wildlife habitats.

The Elephant Pants Holiday Pop-Up Shop officially opened to the public at the Columbus Circle Holiday Shops on December 1st, and runs until Christmas Eve, December 24th, so there’s plenty of time for you to pop in to get yourself a pair or two of Elephants pants, adorable tees or rompers, and of course get some great gift options for loved ones.

The Elephant Pants: Look Good While Saving the Elephants this Thanksgiving

We recently shared the perfect top to hide your possible “Thanksgiving food baby”, now we want to share our go-to pants that will provide both comfort and style during the food-heavy dinner. If you haven’t heard of The Elephant Pants, you should be paying attention. Not only are they the most comfortable pants you’ll own, they come in a variety of fun colors and elephant prints, and they help raise money to save elephants from illegal poaching.

The Elephant Pants The Elephant Pants2

As we said before, The Elephant Pants are very comfortable. They’re perfect for lounging around the house, yoga, and, of course adding a bit of adventurous style to your Thanksgiving look or any event where you’re sure to overindulge in culinary delights. Boasting two side pockets, an elastic waist and leg holes cinched at the ankles, each style of these printed bohemian pants, which are authentically made in Chiang Mai, Thailand, are named after elephants that were either held in captivity in circuses, zoos, etc, many of which have either died or set freed, or elephants left orphaned by poachers.

Aside from its very cool factor, the most amazing thing about these authentic Thai pants, $1.00 or $2.00 from every pair sold gets donated directly to the African Wildlife Foundation, which helps protect elephants from poachers, an ever increasing problem. Some of our favorite styles include the black and white Black Diamond Harem Pants, named after an Indian elephant with Al G. Barnes Circus; the strikingly vibrant blue and white Old Bet Harem Pants, an early American circus elephant owned by Hachaliah Bailey that was shot and killed while on tour near Alfred, Maine by a farmer; the black and gold Mona Harem Pants, a 60-yr old Asian elephant (maybe the oldest in the US) who was euthanized June 21, 2007 at the Birmingham Zoo in Birmingham, Alabama; and the olive and white Tarra Harem Pants, named after the first elephant to retire at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

All styles of The Elephant Pants retail for a wonderfully affordable $18.00 each, a very stylish and inexpensive to support a great cause. We’ve shared our favorite colors, which ones are catching your fashionable eye?