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Shecky’s Beauty at its Best – Day 2

I forgot to mention one major rule to attending Shecky’s – COME EARLY!

You must leave work early or you will be standing on a line the likes of a concert or football game. I always adhere tot his rule, so when i arrive, there was no line and I was in quite easily both days) but a few people I know came after work and was telling me about the line when went all the way around to 11th Ave and reached 27th street (La Venue, where Shecky’s was held is on 28th street between 11th & 12th Ave, closer to 12th Ave), so you can imagine the distance. As I was already inside I didn’t get a photo of the line from either day (once you exit Shecky’s, that’s it).

Anyway, off to get some drinks, my favorite (alcoholic) drink is the Bacardi Silver Pomegranate Mojito

Most people don’t like the taste Pomergranate but you can’t really taste it in this drink. My favorite non-acoholic was Fuze‘s Pomegranate Acai Berry, tarte and sweet at the same time. Anyway, as I walked around, I saw many people having a blast (well, there is no way you can’t at Shecky’s)

After getting my drink (in between walking around, I will go back and forth numerous times). Anyway, as I stated in the last post, I didn’t get to walk around in the other section where the fashion, accessories, etc were. I tookt his time to do so now and I didn’t stay long. It’s one thing to purchase a beauty product, you might not spend much) but it’s another when your eyes are assaulted with fabulous things like bags (along with shoes, they seem to be my weakness) and I have many bags that I haven’t even taken the tags off yet, so this is very bad. Anyway, I did take some photos

I didn’t buy anything today either. For one thing, all the free beauty products I received, there was no need to buy any and as far as the other stuff (the bags, accessories, etc), sacrifices must be made now for a better vacation later. I plan on going away in less than a month and I want to make sure I can afford to do some shopping.

Until the next event.

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