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Chocolate Bar Homecoming Bash

Halleluiah, “The Mana from Heaven” known as Chocolate Bar is back in the West Village. For those of you that are unaware, Chocolate Bar (owned by Alison Nelson), “a candy store for grownups” originally opened in the West Village in 2002 and departed in 2008 (I mean…why? Were we bad????). Well grownups, the punishment is now over. You don’t have to trek all the way to Henri Bendels or (god forbid) Long Beach Island for your fix. They are back on 8th Ave between Jane and West 12th street, just steps from the original location. They’ve also got a new Executive Chef, internationally acclaimed Gustaf Mabrouk, whose feet I’m sure I’ll be worshipping at very soon.

Kim and I arrived to find a very cute size crowd for the cozy store.

Where should we start? How about the array of mini chocolate brownies laid out on the counter (I think we broke a speed record or something but if you’ve ever had the brownies at Chocolate Bar, you can relate). We enjoyed both Classic and Spicy brownies (both were utterly, mouth-wateringly {sic, but I don’t care. I’ll invent a word} amazing)

I shot some quick video of the brownies and the interior of Chocolate Bar to share the lively atmosphere

It was so difficult to move away from there, so we didn’t (at least for another 15 minutes). We were basically overdosing on brownies. When we were able to pull ourselves away (not an easy task), we did so with a few more yummy pieces to take with us as we settled across the room at seats. It was as I was coming off my brownie coma that I noticed the quirkiness and fun elements of Chocolate Bar. From the Chocolate Bowls to the buttons and the”Get Some neon sign (they mean Chocolate of course)

But my favorite has got to be the chocolate signs…so funny

My ultimate fav (which I hope they make into a t-shirt – I’m a size medium…hint…hint) is this one

Celeb fans of Chocolate Bar include Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johanson, Jake Gyllenhal, Leonardo DiCaprio and Uma Thurman. They have also received several awards including Timeout New York’s “Best Chocolate Store” (can I get an Amen) and Wallpaper Magazine’s “Favorite Stores Around the World”. If you’ve experienced Chocolate Bar, the above mentioned is no surprise, if youhaven’t, I suggest you hop on down to 19 8th Ave btwn. Jane and West 12th open your wallet and your mouth and enjoy.

Welcome back guys, we surely did miss you.

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Glasgow May 30, 2009 at 7:09 pm

Glenda, you will live a long time. Cocolate makes you happy and happiness extends your life. I too love chocolate. I try to eat as much as I can without hording (too much) LOL

Glenda Brill May 30, 2009 at 12:04 am

I love your post on chocolate, because I am a real choco-holic. I eat a piece everyday for dessert, and drink nothing but hot cocoa(chocolate) as my favorite drink (sometimes I to switch tea).

Since it is in New York, I will check it out sometime when I am in the area.

Glenda Brill (giggling)


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