Restaurant Review: Greenwich Steakhouse in the West Village

We hope you’re ready to discover another amazing NYC restaurant because we have one for you. Welcome to our culinary journey of one of New York City’s leading steakhouses, Greenwich Steakhouse. They recently announced new brunch, lunch and dinner menus prepared by the new Executive Chef Oscar Reyes, which we had to experience for ourselves.

For those not familiar, Greenwich Steakhouse is a three-story restaurant located in the West Village. Casual diners can take a seat at the bar on the first floor. The second floor, the Blue Velvet room boasts beautiful, blue velvet high back chairs, seating for 40 and dreamy wall-sized artwork, and The Grand Reserve Room, located on the third floor is reserved for private parties. We settled on the Blue Velvet room for our foodie adventure. For this culinary journey, we enjoyed four courses and cocktails – starters, entrees, dessert, and a digestif.


Greenwich Steakhouse offers cocktails in a variety of categories: fruity, light and refreshing, light and smoky, stirred and boozy, and non-alcoholic. Our goal was to try cocktails from a few of the categories. We started off with the Lady Luck, a sweet and fruity blend of vodka, fresh raspberries, lemon, St. Germain, and champagne; the Greenwich Swizzle, a light and refreshing concoction that may look tropical but boasts a fall-ish flavor thanks to bitters, and is served in a frosted glass; the almost rustic Sazerac, a rye whiskey-based cocktail with an absinthe rinse; and the non-alcoholic and very refreshing Perry St mocktail.



Great calamari never disappoints and you’ll love the crisp yet succulent texture of this flavorful starter. Complimented with a warm, tangy sauce, you’ll devour every bite.


What you’re seeing above is half of one of the crab cake. Served sitting on a bed of creamy avocado, the combination of flavors was intensely phenomenal. We topped ours off with a bit of black pepper for a slight spark.



We have been thoroughly enjoying dry-aged steaks lately and this one was no exception. We requested our steak prepared medium well. The result was a tender steak with exquisite charring; it was mouthwateringly juicy yet and not at all chewy. In other words, perfect. We paired it with Greenwich Steakhouse’s Lobster Mac & Cheese and Creamed Spinach (see our Sides highlight below).


The delicious aroma rising from the dish was a clear indicator that this was about to be an unforgettable experience. Each tender bite of veal drenched in layers of sauce, aromatic spices and cheese was wonderfully satisfying. This is a must-have dish for any veal and cheese lover.



We hope you’re ready for lobster mac and cheese with huge chunks of lobster in it because that’s exactly what you will be getting. Every spoonful yields lobster baked right in. The perfect fusion of down-home goodness with sophisticated flair.


Sadly we didn’t get to get a photo of the spinach by itself but for good reason. the staff is so attentive that as soon as your food arrives, they begin to serve them on your plate. We caught the servers in time for the other dishes but the lobster mac and cheese distracted us. However, the Creamed Spinach definitely deserves its own fanfare. We loved that the Spinach wasn’t overly creamy or cheesy. The flavors, texture, and consistency were delightfully balanced.


Rich in flavor, extra creamy in texture, this traditional side will have you reaching for multiple spoonfuls. The garlic was perfectly balanced without overpowering your other sides or main.



If you’re going to try anything for the first time, this is the experience you want. This was our first time ever having a Tartufo and it was dessert heaven. The mash-up of two ice cream flavors, frozen cherries, caramel sauce, and the chocolate shell was almost too exquisite to devour, but we did.


An Italian dessert and coffee lover’s dream. If you love your ladyfingers truly soaked in coffee, you’ll love the Greenwich Steakhouse Tiramisu. Get ready for an explosion of rich flavors from the layers of mascarpone cheese, cocoa, and liqueur.


After such a decadent meal, a digestivo is a must. The Limoncello cordial, an Italian lemon liqueur, is not only delicious, but it also aids in digestion. Though we may have had room for something else, ending our magnificent Greenwich Steakhouse journey with this cordial was sublime.

We highly recommend adding this upscale to your culinary list. Greenwich Steakhouse is located at 62 Greenwich Avenue; they are open Monday to Wednesday 5pm – 10pm, Thursday & Friday 5pm – 11:30pm, Saturday 5pm – 11:30pm, and Sunday 5pm – 10pm. For reservations, call (212) 553-5000 or book your table here.



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Chocolate Bar Homecoming Bash

Halleluiah, “The Mana from Heaven” known as Chocolate Bar is back in the West Village. For those of you that are unaware, Chocolate Bar (owned by Alison Nelson), “a candy store for grownups” originally opened in the West Village in 2002 and departed in 2008 (I mean…why? Were we bad????). Well grownups, the punishment is now over. You don’t have to trek all the way to Henri Bendels or (god forbid) Long Beach Island for your fix. They are back on 8th Ave between Jane and West 12th street, just steps from the original location. They’ve also got a new Executive Chef, internationally acclaimed Gustaf Mabrouk, whose feet I’m sure I’ll be worshipping at very soon.

Kim and I arrived to find a very cute size crowd for the cozy store.

Where should we start? How about the array of mini chocolate brownies laid out on the counter (I think we broke a speed record or something but if you’ve ever had the brownies at Chocolate Bar, you can relate). We enjoyed both Classic and Spicy brownies (both were utterly, mouth-wateringly {sic, but I don’t care. I’ll invent a word} amazing)

I shot some quick video of the brownies and the interior of Chocolate Bar to share the lively atmosphere

It was so difficult to move away from there, so we didn’t (at least for another 15 minutes). We were basically overdosing on brownies. When we were able to pull ourselves away (not an easy task), we did so with a few more yummy pieces to take with us as we settled across the room at seats. It was as I was coming off my brownie coma that I noticed the quirkiness and fun elements of Chocolate Bar. From the Chocolate Bowls to the buttons and the”Get Some neon sign (they mean Chocolate of course)

But my favorite has got to be the chocolate signs…so funny

My ultimate fav (which I hope they make into a t-shirt – I’m a size medium…hint…hint) is this one

Celeb fans of Chocolate Bar include Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johanson, Jake Gyllenhal, Leonardo DiCaprio and Uma Thurman. They have also received several awards including Timeout New York’s “Best Chocolate Store” (can I get an Amen) and Wallpaper Magazine’s “Favorite Stores Around the World”. If you’ve experienced Chocolate Bar, the above mentioned is no surprise, if youhaven’t, I suggest you hop on down to 19 8th Ave btwn. Jane and West 12th open your wallet and your mouth and enjoy.

Welcome back guys, we surely did miss you.