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Caldrea – Aromatherapeutic Home Cleaning at NYIGF

Are you like me when it comes to the small of your home – do you love candles, do you like for your home to smell clean? I don’t mean smelling like clorox clean (that’s just toxic and unhealthy) but actually fresh. If you answered yes to any of these then Caldrea is for you. Caldrea is a Minneapolis, MN based company whose name is a combination of the names of Founder and President, Monica Nassif‘s two daughters – Calla and Aundrea. She developed earth-friendly, fragrant household cleaners, Baby Care products, tools, laundry care, etc. A great line of aromatherapeutic homekeeping products not only for the fragrance-minded but also for the eco-friendly

I got a chance to try some mini samples some of these household cleaners, such as French Lavender Delicate Wash Laundry Detergent, the Blue Basil Dish Liquid Soap (Blue Basil was my favorite scent from Caldrea), their Limited Edition Fragrance for Holiday 2009Cypress Bergamot Liquid Hand Soap and Rose Pomegranate Liquid Hand Soap

I love the fact that Caldrea proves you don’t have to utilize bleach containing products to get and keep your home clean. After cleaning I always have to open just about every window in the house to clear out that harsh smell of bleach, then light my candles to give it a more alluring scent (you can imagine how that is during the winter months). Caldrea basically eliminates the need for that. With products available in the following scents – Basil Blue Sage, Ginger Pomelo, Green Tea Patchouli, Sea Salt Neroli and Lavender Pine (the baby care products comes in Sweet Pea) and of course the forementioned Cypress Bergamot and Rose Pomegranate, you will fall in love with Caldrea; and with products retailing from $9 (Dish Soap Liquid, Countertop Cleanser or Window Spray) to $75 (7-Piece Cleaning Essentials Set), you will truly enjoy cleaning your home. If you want more detail on each of the fragrances, click on Caldrea’s About Our Fragrances

As stated in the first paragraph, Caldrea also does cleaning tools – brushes, cloths, dusters, caddies, etc. “Caldrea Cleaning Tools are intelligently designed and beautifully made with solid wood handles and natural bristles. Whether you are looking for the perfect caddy to keep cleaning supplies organized, or a brush for dusting your book collection, our finely-crafted tools are as lovely to behold as they are to use.” MAy favorite was the Ostrich Duster directly below

Unfortunaly I didn’t get to meet the owner this time around but I did get to speak with the very informative Terese, the Sales Coordinator for Caldrea.

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