Clean Effectively with the Raycop Lite Purifier and Raycop RS2 Purifier

We’ve all seen that Febreze commercial where the mom tells her teenage son, he has to “wash his room” then she pulls out a bottle of Febreeze and proceeds to spray the fabrics. While this may refresh the fabrics, it doesn’t remove bacteria, pollen, and house dust from your home’s fabrics. In the U.S. approximately 17 million adults and 7 million children are susceptible to common allergies and other respiratory disorders. There’s a much easier way to do that and we don’t mean trying to use your dust-covered vacuum cleaner. We were introduced to the amazing cleaning power of the portable Raycop Lite Purifier and its bigger brother, the Raycop RS2 Purifier, both created to clean the unseen in your home.

Unlike a regular vacuum, Raycop purifiers have a dual filtration system integrating a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter which is proven to capture 99.9% of common household allergens. The purifiers also feature a combination of ultraviolet light technology, optimized suction, and pulsating pads in RayClean Technology® that is 3x times more effective at capturing allergens and outdoor pollutants.

Raycop Lite Purifier

The Raycop Lite Purifier is the lightest and most portable purifier out of the two. It is smaller, weighing 68.8 oz, yet powerful enough for most sanitizing jobs and versatile enough to use even on your clothes. The Raycop Lite Purifier extracts 97.98% of bacteria after 2 seconds and 99.99% after 10 seconds, 97.8% of pollen after 4 minutes, and over 80% of house dust in 5 minutes. It has a sanitizing width of 6 inches, a 6-watt UVC Lamp, HEPA filter to trap and eliminate pollen, dust mite matter, and dirt, and a dust box filter for larger dust and dirt particles.

Raycop RS2 Purifier

The Raycop RS2 Purifier boasts three suction modes: delicate, normal, and heavy, an 11-watt UVC Lamp to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses, a sanitizing width of 9 inches, a dust box filter for larger dust and dirt particles, a brush roller to loosen surface dust and hair, pulsating pads to agitate and loosen dirt and dust mite matter, and it extracts 99.99% of bacteria after 2 seconds, 99.99% of viruses after 5 seconds, 99.8% of pollen after 1 minute, and over 90% of house dust in 3 minutes.

The Raycop purifiers are easy to use. Just slowly glide either back and forth a few times along the surface of any fabric surface. The suction is specifically calibrated to ensure there is no damage to any fabric, whether it’s your bedsheets, pillows, blankets, or comforters, to the fabrics on your upholstered fabrics. This help you cut back on the cost and hassle of professional cleaning services for your upholstery, drapes, decorative accent pillows, and clothes.

Both purifiers are now available in the US market with the Raycop Lite retailing for $189.99, and the Raycop RS2 available for 349.99 on What are your thoughts on the Raycop Lite and Raycop RS2 Purifiers? Could your home use this effective cleaning dives that cleans the unseen?

Holiday Home Scents: It’s Beginning to Smell A Lot Like Christmas

There’s an old trick real estate agents use when showing a house, they bake cookies so the house smells warm, homey and inviting. We’re going to do the same thing for our apartment during the holiday season, so we’re looking to aromatherapeutic home cleaning product brands, Method Home, Caldrea, and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, for our festive holiday scents. If you are also looking to having your home smell a lot like Christmas, continue reading on for some wonderful holiday home scents.

This season Method welcomes two festive fragrances for the holidays, Peppermint Vanilla, a combination of the warmth of vanilla and the wintery wonderland that is peppermint, and Mulled Cider, a warm blend of apple, clove, and cinnamon. These two invigorating scents join their naturally derived, biodegradable formulas, and are available in two of their most favored products, the Method Gel Hand Wash, and Foaming Hand Wash.

Are you ready for three limited-edition fragrances that capture the scents of the holiday season through the distinctive combinations of citrus, floral, and spice notes? Then say hello to Caldrea’s Christmassy Juniper Laurel Mint, warm Plum Bergamot Clove, and festive Saffron Winter Rose. Three wonderfully amazing scents that you can enjoy in five different cleaning products, including a candle, countertop spray, dish soap, hand lotion, and hand soap. Intrigued by the scents? Let’s get to know them. The Juniper Laurel Mint scents boast eucalyptus, juniper, juicy berries, fresh mint, and golden cypress; the Plum Bergamot Clove celebrates the warmth of the season with a combination of clove and amber over blood orange and floral mystery; and lastly, Saffron Winter Rose brings together rose and cardamon with a warm, woody (cedarwood) base, and fresh citrus.

If you’re still looking for more household cleaners in glorious home fragrances, then you should also add Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day to your list. They too are greeting the holidays with three festive scents. Get ready to have your home filled with the aroma of warm and spicy Orange Clove, crisp and fresh Iowa Pine, or tart and sweet Cranberry. These holiday home scents are available in an array of cleaning products, candles and variety sets. Nothing says Christmas like the wonderful scent of a real Christmas tree, capture that fragrance with the combination of crisp Iowa Pine, with a touch of clove and cedar. Whether your tree is real or artificial, your home will smell like freshly cut pine; want to capture the warmth of the holidays? You can’t go wrong with Mrs. Meyer’s warm and spicy Orange Clove, a lovely scent that combines a combines citrus oranges and cloves; if one fruit had to be the mascot of the holidays, it’s cranberries. With the Mrs. Meyers Cranberry cleaning products, you will constantly be surrounded by the aroma of this festive, tart and tangy fruit. Get to know more of these Mrs. Meyer’s seasonal cleaning products.

We will be surrounding ourselves with one or more of these wonderful scents, will you? What’s your favorite holiday scents?

Tide OXI Open House hosted by HGTV Property Brother Jonathan Scott

Was there furniture or household items you threw away because they were dingy, stained, and seemed unsalvageable? Maybe it was a piece that’s been in the family for generations, a found/salvaged item, or maybe your household items were damaged or soiled by an unfortunate event like a flood or natural disaster. You’ll be happy to know that there is an effective and very affordable way to give new life to furniture that may seem lost, thanks to Tide’s newest and first multi-purpose cleaner – Tide OXI Multi-Purpose Stain Remover. That’s right, for this first time, Tide moves outside the laundry and brings the power of Tide to your entire household. so before you throw away that piece o furniture, why not just “#Tidethat. To introduce this amazing new launch, handsome and hilarious HGTV Property Brother Jonathan Scott, was on-hand to host and walk us through the Tide OXI open house which housed several found pieced brought back to life.

The powerful multi-purpose cleaner can be used in and out of the wash; use it as an additive with your detergent. or make a solution with water to use it almost anywhere around your home. Jonathan scoured the streets of New York and Craigslist ads to find some of the dirtiest household items people discarded and cleaned them up with the new multi-purpose cleaner, which can be used on over 225 surfaces, to show the true power of its stain removing power, to miraculous results.what gives Tide OXI its  powerful cleaning ability? An ingredient called NOBS, which works with peroxide to form peracid – a stronger form of bleach versus peroxide alone, resulting in stronger stain fighting power. Using this amazing product, Jonathan and the Tide team were able to give these items a through deep clean and rid them of dirt, grime and stains. The below photos pictures shows some of the items before they were cleaned:

We got a chance to speak with Jonathan Scott about some of the found furniture pieces and the money-saving benefits of using Tide OXI. Check out our brief interview below and some of the furniture and household items after the cleaning:

“If you plan on selling your home, make sure your home is spotless and immaculately cleaned, including the furniture, to optimize the staging experience,” Jonathan Scott advised. “Staging can increase the selling time and value of your home.” In his years of experience, Jonathan has seen homes sell for up to $20,000 more than the asking price when they staged well.

Jonathan also shared a few tips on how to revamp your home this summer without breaking the bank:

  • Prep Your Home: Even before meeting with a Realtor, get your house ready to sell. To increase the selling value of your home and even help it sell faster you’d be surprised the value that cleaning provides.
  • Restore Overly Used Surfaces: The kitchen is one of the messiest areas of the home subject to food and drink spills. Be armed to tackle a variety of kitchen messes with a multi-purpose cleaner that can clean everything from counters to floors and even kitchenware.
  • Look for Bargains in Unexpected Places: There’s no need to buy expensive furniture. Scour the internet and flea markets for used pieces to upcycle. Many items others find unusable just need a good cleaning with Tide OXI to experience a transformation.
  • Reuse Items from Last Season: Make your patio the talk of the neighborhood without spending a lot of money. Transform key pieces of furniture, such as patio furniture from old to “is that new?” with Tide OXI. Get into crevices and remove tough stains and dirt leftover from last year by giving cushions a good scrub with this terrific cleanser.

Our favorite transformation, besides the gorgeous antique lounge chair, are these black and white text tea cups, the before to after transformation is completely unbelievable. The tea cups look brand new and are a far cry from where they started

What makes the entire event more amazing is some of the items shown above were made available to the Habitat for Humanity Restore resale outlets, which sell new or gently used household items to raise funds to help create affordable housing. A 7.5 lb or 144 oz tub of Tide OXI Multi-Purpose Stain Remover retails for $12.99 and can be found in the laundry section in stores.

It’s Beginning to Smell A Lot Like Christmas……Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day 2013 Holiday Collection

One of my favorite scents is the smell of winter. The scent of pines, gingerbread, cranberries, etc and the fact that you can tell when it’s going to snow just by the smell in the air. Its no surprise then that I fell in love with the seasonal offerings from Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. I love the thought of coming home to a house that smells like tart and sweet Cranberries, warm and spicy Orange Clove or crisp and fresh Iowa Pine.

You can enjoy the fragrances of these wonderful, Limited Edition seasonal scents every time you wash your dishes, your hands, clean your counter tops or light a candle. All of the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products are biodegradable, is free of ammonia, chlorine, phosphates, and formaldehyde, and do not undergo animal testing.

  • The concentrated Liquid Dish Soap formula is rich, thick and makes grease disappear; it includes Soap Bark Extract (nature’s best degreaser) and rinses clean.
  • The Countertop Spray can be used on non-porous surfaces such as finished wood and tile floors, counter-tops, walls, porcelain, bathroom fixtures, sealed natural and synthetic stone, etc. It takes the basic formula of the All Purpose Cleaner and adds a special Vegetable Protein Extract, which is a naturally fresh way to remove odors from the kitchen and bath. 
  • The Paraben-free Hand Soap contains aloe vera gel, olive oil and a unique blend of natural essential oils to create a hard working, non-drying, yet softening cleaner for busy hands. 
  • Nothing envelopes your home in wonderful scents better than a candle. Housed in a cute, reusable jelly jar, this Soy Wax Candle, made with natural ingredients and essential oils, will freshen your home for 25 hours.


The Mrs. Meyer’s Holiday Gift Sets contains some of our favorite household cleaners – Liquid Dish Soap, Countertop Spray and Liquid Hand Soap all in a red gift box and ready to give (you could also give the candle as a stocking stuffer). These earth–friendly sets are kind to your wallet, your home and the earth.

At the event, we also had the pleasure of meeting creator Monica Nassif’s mom and inspiration behind of Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, Mrs. Thelma Meyer, who is both incredibly sweet and a bit of a fun and cool grandma. She created the event’s delicious featured cocktail and decadent desert.

We also had the great opportunity of creating/decorating Christmas cards and envelopes for kids which will given to them during the holiday. It was a wonderful way to bring a small amount of joy to others (my first one was a bit…umm…”eclectic”  but I redeemed myself with the second one).

i invite you to bring these wonderful scents into your home and give the gift of a clean and happy scented home this holiday season.

Caldrea – Aromatherapeutic Home Cleaning at NYIGF

Are you like me when it comes to the small of your home – do you love candles, do you like for your home to smell clean? I don’t mean smelling like clorox clean (that’s just toxic and unhealthy) but actually fresh. If you answered yes to any of these then Caldrea is for you. Caldrea is a Minneapolis, MN based company whose name is a combination of the names of Founder and President, Monica Nassif‘s two daughters – Calla and Aundrea. She developed earth-friendly, fragrant household cleaners, Baby Care products, tools, laundry care, etc. A great line of aromatherapeutic homekeeping products not only for the fragrance-minded but also for the eco-friendly

I got a chance to try some mini samples some of these household cleaners, such as French Lavender Delicate Wash Laundry Detergent, the Blue Basil Dish Liquid Soap (Blue Basil was my favorite scent from Caldrea), their Limited Edition Fragrance for Holiday 2009Cypress Bergamot Liquid Hand Soap and Rose Pomegranate Liquid Hand Soap

I love the fact that Caldrea proves you don’t have to utilize bleach containing products to get and keep your home clean. After cleaning I always have to open just about every window in the house to clear out that harsh smell of bleach, then light my candles to give it a more alluring scent (you can imagine how that is during the winter months). Caldrea basically eliminates the need for that. With products available in the following scents – Basil Blue Sage, Ginger Pomelo, Green Tea Patchouli, Sea Salt Neroli and Lavender Pine (the baby care products comes in Sweet Pea) and of course the forementioned Cypress Bergamot and Rose Pomegranate, you will fall in love with Caldrea; and with products retailing from $9 (Dish Soap Liquid, Countertop Cleanser or Window Spray) to $75 (7-Piece Cleaning Essentials Set), you will truly enjoy cleaning your home. If you want more detail on each of the fragrances, click on Caldrea’s About Our Fragrances

As stated in the first paragraph, Caldrea also does cleaning tools – brushes, cloths, dusters, caddies, etc. “Caldrea Cleaning Tools are intelligently designed and beautifully made with solid wood handles and natural bristles. Whether you are looking for the perfect caddy to keep cleaning supplies organized, or a brush for dusting your book collection, our finely-crafted tools are as lovely to behold as they are to use.” MAy favorite was the Ostrich Duster directly below

Unfortunaly I didn’t get to meet the owner this time around but I did get to speak with the very informative Terese, the Sales Coordinator for Caldrea.