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Talika Lipocils Expert Launch

Many people don’t know this but I have an annoying problem with my eyelashes, I lose multiple lashes a day every day – I’m surprised my eyes aren’t bald. I lose lashes when I wash my face, rub my eyes, apply mascara, walk outside on a particular windy day. This has also made my lashes shorter and thinner than usual. Although I found out something quite fascinating – every human being has 300 eyelashes and we shed as many as 3-5 per day (I’m on the higher side of that range).

This brings me to Talika, a Paris based company that was created in a hospital by “a young woman Doctor, named Danielle Roches, who developed an anti-bacterial cream with plant extracts to help cure people suffering from dramatic face and eyes burns due to war casualties.” I was first introduced to Talika at a Spa Week Media Event when they were introducing their Bust Serum, a product I didn’t get to try because…..well….D Cups. I was also introduced to the Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel and was given a sample, which I also didn’t get to try because of a relative. But this time around, I finally get to benefit. This June, Talika will introduce Lipocils Expert, a gentle eyelash product made from 12 plants plus peptides to nurture lashes and revitalize the skin around the lash line. I promises to give you longer, darker and curlier lashes in 28 days. I would say that unlike it’s competition, Latisse, this product won’t change the color of your eyelids or eyes (there are no side effects with Lipocils Expert at all) but I don’t consider Latisse their competition because Lipocils Expert doesn’t change your DNA in any way.

Lipocils Expert has a two-in-one applicator. A soft wand tip for the roots of your lashes & lash line and a mascara brush for the whole lash so product will coat lashes all the way to the ends. The Lipocils Expert will be exclusive to Sephora when it launches and will retail for $55. Meanwhile, take a look at the Talika Products.

Check out more information about Talika’s Lipocils Expert from the very charismatic Alexis de Brosses, President of Talika on the videos below

I will be testing out the Lipocils Expert for the next 28 days and giving my feedback to see if my lashes grow longer, darker, stronger and I  hope to do away with my eyelash curler.

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