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DAGOBA Chai Drinking Chocolate – A Grown Up Hot Chocolate

You know it’s cold outside when your heater is complaining (that’s what I call all the wheezing, sputtering, etc – mine sounds like its struggling and possibly on its last hot breath). Not sure about you but I need more than socks (my feet are always cold), blanket, etc to keep me warm; when the temperature gets like this, I need vast amounts of hot liquids, so my hands are basically always wrapped around a hot mug. I have just about had every flavor of tea known to man and hot chocolate gets a bit boring plus I wanted something a bit more sophiscated and grown up which is why i’m reveling in my fourth mug of DAGOBA Chai Drinking Chocolate

I first learned about DAGOBA at the Food Fete event held during last summer; I love Chai tea (its actually my favorite), so when I came across this Chai chocolate, I stopped dead in my tracks. One taste and I swooned. It’s more than just the Chai that makes it special, the DAGOBA Chai Drinking Chocolate is also made with bits of pure organic dark chocolate, cacao powder, cane sugar and crystallized ginger (I love eating the bits of ginger – it’s like candy to me). Its perfect if you like a spicy palet

If Chai and Ginger are not your forte, don’t worry, there are other flavors available, maybe you prefer the regular DAGOBA Authentic Drinking Chocolate, or the spicier (made with chillies) DAGOBA Xocolatl Drinking Chocolate or even the healthier no sugar added (great for Diabetics) DAGOBA Unsweetened Drinking Chocolate. Either way, DAGOBA Drinking Chocolate is a great way to stay warm as the temperature drops.

Now don’t think DAGOBA only does drinking chocolate, they also do chocolate bars and baking products as well. DAGOBA’s award-winning chocolate collection includes 17 bars made from sustainably grown, organic cacao. Check out their 17 flavors by clicking HERE.

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