Trücup: Revolutionary Low-Acid Coffee That’s Easier on your Stomach

Did you know that the high acidity of coffee can damage your teeth, cause heartburn, and create some very unpleasant experiences on your stomach including aggravating ulcers? And those are just three of the many adverse effects the high acid in coffee can have on your body. What if you could enjoy your morning, mid-day, and evening cup of joe with little worry of its acidic effects? With the revolutionary, low-acid coffee from Trücup, a coffee brand we discovered at Food Fete, you can. Trücup is a smooth, great tasting, and easy-to-drink, low-acid coffee, which comes in ground coffee form, and k cups, that’s easier on your stomach.
Trü Trü

Using a patented, natural process, Trücup removes acids that can be harmful to your stomach and creates a bitter taste without compromising the coffee’s flavor, aroma, or caffeine. You’ll want to get your coffee pot ready for the six exceptional varieties that are packed with flavor, and bear fun, whimsical names.

  1. Light and lovely, Born To Be Mild is the choice for those who are looking for a gentler cup of Joe. The low-acid coffee has a delicate sweetness with just enough body for balance.
  2. Moderate and mellow, Stuck In The Middle is a medium blend low-acid coffee that has plenty of taste, but isn’t too strong. It provides the perfect balance; smooth and complex.
  3. Rugged and resolute, Heart Of Bold is perfect for people wanting a full-body low-acid coffee blend packed with flavor. It’s roasted deep enough to unlock the blend’s full character, stopping short of any charred or burnt nuance.
  4. Daring and dangerous, Dark As Night is an exceptional french roast low-acid coffee for those who want to experience a delicious dark side. It’s thick and lush with incredible body, and just a hint of smoke.
  5. Looking for a low-acid coffee blend with benefits? Try this smooth and delicious espresso blend that’s easy to drink. And You’ve Got a Blend will only be there in the morning if you want it to be.
  6. Like a dog with two bones, with Fake It To The Limit we had to make a tough choice: no caffeine or lower acid. So while this decaf has plenty of real coffee taste, it’s not lower acid like our other blends.

We’re sure you love this great bit of coffee news, especially if you can’t do without your daily cup of caffeine. Get your favorite blend of Trücup Low-Acid Coffee at

Up Your Weekend with these Frozen Pizzas

If there’s one thing we look forward to during the weekend, it’s getting to enjoy a few hours (or a full day) of going through our DVR, and catching up on our favorite shows and movies with an easy to enjoy meal or snack. Last week we basically curled up on our couch in sweats and pigged out on some good television-watching food. No besties were hanging out with us this time (then it would be a pajama party), but the key ingredient in our solo party, was some kick-ass pizza. Thanks to the variety of great frozen pizza options, we were not at the mercy of waiting for pizza delivery, praying for pizza deals, or scouring the internet for pizza coupons, and besides, we didn’t want the cute delivery guy to see us looking “bummy” in sweats anyway. If you too are planning your own weekend pizza party, check out some of the great pizzas we pigged out on last weekend, including one with a gluten free pizza crust. All we’re waiting on is a pizza desert option – chocolate pizza anyone? Can you make that happen?


Do you remember when Tombstone’s tagline, “What do you want on your Tombstone?” only included their twelve flavor varieties and crust types? Get ready for more delicious flavor. Tombstone has added two new, delicious, limited edition frozen pizzas flavors that’ll make you love them even more. Known for its unmistakable flavor, quality toppings and the perfect combination of sauce, cheese and crust, Tombstone will blow you away with their boldest flavors yet – the Diablo Pizza, bursting with fiery flavor thanks to spicy chorizo, jalapenos, sweet red peppers, and a sriracha tomato sauce over real Wisconsin mozzarella cheese, and the Bratwurst Pizza, toppling with green peppers, onions, tomato sauce with spicy brown mustard over real Wisconsin cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. As mentioned, these are available for a limited time only, so if you see them, snatch them up quickly before you miss out.


Who says frozen pizza can’t be gourmet? Bon Appetit Pizza has been creating exceptionally crafted pizza for years. Their addictive thin, artisan crust pizza is topped with carefully selected, flavorful ingredients. We love the like whole chunks of mozzarella cheese, and fresh cut cherry tomatoes in their Mozzarella & Pesto pizza. Vegetable lovers will love the chunks of fire roasted tomatoes, red onion and red, green, and yellow bell peppers. Meat-lovers will the decadent Bon Appetit’s Trio Bacon, and Pepperoni & Pesto pizzas on a bed of thin, flaky, buttery, made-from-scratch crusts. All five varieties of Bon Appetit Pizzas are available in the freezer section of grocers nationwide.


We admit when we’ve seen gluten free, the word delicious didn’t always come to mind but we’ve become addicted to the Freschetta’s Gluten Free Thin & Crispy Pizzas in their signature pepperoni, and four cheese. These extra thin crusts, which come in family, and personal sizes, are certified by the Celiac Sprue Association, and boasts real mozzarella cheese that covers the crust from edge-to-edge. So whether you’re craving pizza for yourself or feeding the family, you won’t be disappointed with Freschetta’s Gluten Free Thin & Crispy Pizzas.


Get ready to enjoy everything you love about Hot Pockets in bite size portions. technically these are not pizza but they are pizza-flavored. We love fun and delicious amuse bouches, and that’s what you’ll get with the Hot Pockets Snack Bites. These bite size sandwiches are a good source of protein, are made with premium ingredients, including 100% real cheese, and has ZERO artificial flavors, giving you a delicious, hearty and hunger-satisfying snack. Both varieties come wrapped in a flaky crust and make a good snack option at any time of the day.

So that was our delicious, pizza filled weekend. 

Dinner is Served: What’s New from Uncle Ben’s Rice, Plum Organic, and Sweet Earth Natural Foods

Being single can be tough sometimes, especially when it comes to dinnertime. There have been lots of times when deciding what to have for dinner is almost as difficult as trying to deciphering code. Sometimes we lost the battle and ended up with a sad bowl of cereal for dinner. However, we’re happy to be introduced to some great new, must-have dinner essentials from Uncle Ben’s Rice, Plum Organic, and Sweet Earth Natural Foods.

Uncle Ben’s Flavored Grains Rice 

If you’re tired of plain, boring rice for dinner, welcome to your solution. Uncle Ben’s is here to spice up your dinner with some amazing rice blends. Dinner will not only be made easy, it will be made divine. The iconic rice brand introduces six flavorful blend s of grains including 5 Grain Medley Quinoa Pilaf, Brown Rice Medley Roasted Garlic & Herb, Brown Rice & Quinoa Roasted Red Pepper, Long Grain & Wild Rice Fast Cook, Long Grain & Wild Rice Original Recipe, and Long Grain & Wild Rice Basmati Medley Savory Herb. These mouthwatering combination of flavors such as roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, and 23 herbs and seasonings with brown rice, couscous, quinoa, and whole grain red rice. These are so delicious, you won’t want anything else for dinner.

Plum Organic Soups

These delicious organic soups are technically for kids, but we know you will make your inner child happy when you first taste these hearty, easy-to-make, and delicious single serve soups. Available in three varieties, Chicken Fiesta, Chicken Noodle, and Tomato Meatball, the pouch-filled Plum soups are ready in minutes, you’ll find yourself reaching for several packs. Filled with organic vegetables and delicious protein in every bowl, they make a great way to have a light but healthy dinner.

Sweet Earth Natural Foods Seitan

I haven’t forgotten about those of your that are vegan. For your meatless dinner, Sweet Earth Natural Foods offers some decadently seasoned Seitan. For those of you not in the know, Seitan is a plant-based protein, made from wheat, that has 3 times the protein of most tofu, and the same amount of protein as steak. Sweet Earth Natural Foods offers this protein packed natural food in three savory flavors, Chipotle, Curry, and Traditional, that helps you continue enjoying a delicious vegetarian diet.

Well fellow singles, we hope we’ve made your dinner plans a little bit easier to handle with these three suggestions; whichever meal is your favorite, enjoy it to the fullest.

Drink This and That: New Beverages to Quench Your Thirst

We’ve been walking the city more and more as the weather gets warmer, it is one of our favorite things to do. Of course all this walking means we have to stay properly hydrated, keep our energy up, and do what we can to continue burning off these winter accumulated calories. While we can stay hydrated with the regular H2O, we prefer to keep ourselves refreshed with beverages that offer more than just simple replenishment. Today we share three brands, two are old favorites welcoming new flavors, and the other is a newly launched beverage we’ve become slightly addicted to. we’re happy to get you acquainted with the new flavors from POM Wonderful, and Cascade Ice, and introduce you to Positive Energy. Let begin with the new beverage brand first.

Positive Energy

We usually get our caffeine with one or three hot cups of tea, but you can’t really hydrate with tea when you’re averaging 4-5 miles a day, plus we prefer to feel more energized naturally. Fortunately we can, thanks to the pure fruit juices + caffeine found in Positive Energy. These revolutionary beverages contain 100% pure fruit juices and green coffee beans plucked directly from the trees. Available in six juices, Orange, Cranberry, Apple, Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Mango Lemonade, and Lemonade Tea, the non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher Positive Energy, boasts only 60 calories, the same amount of caffeine as a large cup of premium coffee, no added sugar, no preservatives, and no artificial flavors. You can enjoy them straight out of the bottle like we do, or mix them in a smoothie or cocktail for a burst of natural energy. Grab yourself a 2-Pk, 6-Pk, or 12-Pk on

POM Wonderful

These officially launched late last year but because they are so popular, We hadn’t had the pleasure of trying all of them, especially in one sitting so we were in heaven. As self-proclaimed tea lovers, and POM Wonderful addicts, we had no qualms about loving these. POM Wonderful’s range of new Antioxidant Super Teas combines the antioxidant power of their premium 100% Pomegranate Juice delicious gently brewed teas to bring out their natural flavors and body. These super teas, available in Pomegranate Lemonade Tea, Pomegranate Sweet Tea, Pomegranate Honey Green Tea, and Pomegranate Peach Passion White Tea are as delicious and addictive as you’d expect. If you love ice tea and lemonade, sweet tea, or my favorite of all time, POM’s Lychee Green Tea, you will love these free radicals busting beverages.  All four flavors are available now, in POM Wonderful’s uniquely shaped 12 oz. bottles for $1.99 each.

Cascade Ice

We mentioned that we wanted to stay hydrated with more than just plain old water and we mean it. Cascade Ice Flavored Sparkling Water is more than just water, this zero-calorie sparkling flavored waters come in 21 delicious and unique flavors, are free of sugar, calories, sodium, caffeine, and gluten, full of flavor, and have a delightful “fizz” combined with natural fruit juices. they recently held a public vote on Facebook where consumers selected the newest flavor to add to their current 21-flavor collection. The winner, Strawberry Orange Mango! This new flavor joins such favorites as Cranberry Pomegranate, McIntosh Apple and Orange Mango in addition to the line’s three newest flavors, Strawberry Banana, Coconut Mango and Coconut Pineapple. grab your favorite flavor(s) in all 50 states, at retailers such as Albertson’s, Safeway, Ralph’s, QFC, A&P, Raley’s, Coborn’s, HEB, Market Basket, Shoprite, Food City and Price Choppers, among many others.

Baileys Coffee Creamers | A Little Cream in our Tea?

Who would think the first day of spring would be the perfect day for a delicious mug of tea, not that we need an excuse to drink our chai but today just worked out in our favor. We got to indulge in something we’ve been dying to try for a while, the Baileys Coffee Creamer in Bourbon Vanilla Pound Cake. We know many of you see this and think, why are we talking about drinking tea with a coffee creamer? Trust us when we say, this delicious coffee creamer is not just for coffee. We discovered how amazing Baileys Coffee Creamers are in tea when we were younger. We were making ourselves a cup of chai, and discovered we were out of milk, so we grabbed our mom’s Baileys Creamer and the rest, as they say, is delicious history.

We were introduced to the newest decadent flavors from Baileys Coffee Creamers: Bourbon Vanilla Pound Cake, and Macadamia Brittle, at Food Fete last month. The Bourbon Vanilla Pound Cake is made with four simple ingredients. It combines the light, buttery-sweet flavor of pound cake, the delicate notes of bourbon flavor, and aromatic vanilla. While we’re sure it tastes fantastic in coffee, it is an absolute dream in chai. Adding Macadamia Brittle to your tea will have you thinking someone is baking a fresh batch of macadamia-filled brittle just for you. Trust us when we say, it tastes even better than it sounds, and you won’t regret the indulgence.

We’re on our third cup of the night, and we’re quickly on our way to a fourth, especially as the weather is in its current state of “not spring”. We confess we’ve also tried a little of these Baileys Coffee Creamers in oatmeal and of course were not disappointed. You can also add both flavors to a host of various dessert recipes for even more delicious indulgence. Both of the above new flavors, available in 16 oz and 32 oz bottles, plus many more flavors, are available for purchase now at Food Emporium, Pathmark, ShopRite, A&P, Walmart, and Stop & Shop.

SNACK FEST: What’s Hitting your Grocery Store Shelves

We have come to love this time of year because so many amazing and delicious snacks are hitting store for the first time. We’ve been waiting for months for several of these addictive and good-for-you snacks to make their way to our supermarket. While some made their presence known before others, you should have no problem delighting in these products at your grocery store. Thanks once again to Food Fete, we’ve added great snacks to our shopping list from Naturebox, Niman Ranch, Farm Rich, Addie’s Fine Foods, and Alouette Cheese.


Want healthy and amazingly delicious snacks delivered to you on a monthly subscription basis? Sign up for NatureBox now! Technically, this isn’t hitting your grocery stores but it’ll still hit your pantry. Any food brand that offers over 100 wholesome, crave-worthy snacking options, delivers it right to your door each month, and creates the deliciousness that is Jalapenos Cashews is a must. You begin with a FREE Trial box (yes FREE), which includes 5 of their most-loved snacks, pre-selected and delivered right to you, then you customize your NatureBox from their assortment of 100+ deliciously wholesome options. It’s that simple. The NatureBox membership starts at $19.95 per month and includes 5 full-snack bags of your choosing. we highly recommend the aforementioned Jalapeno Cashews, Guacamole Bites, Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps, Italian Bistro Pretzels, Teriyaki Beef Jerky, Mini Belgian Waffles…..Mini. Belgian. Waffles!!!! What more can you ask for?


Is there anything more delicious than a succulent Pulled pork sandwich? The juicy sauce dripping down your chin as you take that first bite. Your taste-buds rejoicing in the delectable flavors that instantly take you to foodie heaven. If you’re looking for a company that offers great meat products while respecting the land, look n further. Niman Ranch finest tasting all-natural meat in the world because they adhere to the strictest protocols when raising their animals. They offer a complete line of fresh beef, pork, lamb and cage-free eggs as well as a variety of smoked and prepared items. Their livestock are never-given hormones or antibiotics, they are fed a 100% vegetarian diet, and are 100% traceable from farm to plate. Their products are all-natural, Gluten, and MSG-Free. At Food Fete, we had a chance to try their Pulled Pork, and fell in love instantly. Whether you go for the Original, Smokey Chipotle, or Hoisin Soy, you won’t be disappointed.


Although we’ve also photographed the old favorite Mozzeralla Sticks, we’ll be highlighting the newest launch, Farm Rich Pepperoni Pizzeria Bites, on a cold day while blogging away or editing photos, these were our best friend and main arsenal against the hunger pangs we got during “No time to eat” week, better known as fashion week. Forget Pizza snacks that you’ve seen before, these bites of sunshine boasts 100% REAL mozzarella cheese, wrapped in a pizzeria style crust for that authentic pepperoni pizza flavor. Yours to enjoy in mere minutes, you’ll find yourself stocking up on box after box.


Oh me, oh my, I do love pie (stolen from the 1996 John Travolta movie, Michael) but it’s just so appropriate when talking about the mouthwatering pies from Addie’s. We’re not usually huge on sweets (we take candy in small doses) but pastry is another story. We do so love our pastry, and these small mounds of heavenly goodness will fully satisfy the desert lover in you. Addie’s Fine Foods takes fruits and vegetables and turn them into healthy pleasures, that not only taste amazing, but can be delivered fresh, right to your door. With decadent flavors like Sweet Potato Cheesecake, Lemon Icebox Pie, and Butternut Squash Cheesecake, you’ll forget that they’re healthy.


Our go-to for cheese spreads doesn’t disappoint when it comes to flavors. Alouette Cheese tantalizes our taste-buds (they’re sure to do the same to yours) with their latest launches. Did and top anything you desire with the array of savory spreads:

Alouette Toasted Everything with Sea Salt – the classic taste of an everything bagel with a touch of sea salt to be used any time of the day.

Alouette Zesty Ginger & Spring Onion – a combination of the distinctive flavors of zesty ginger and savory green onion with a touch of garlic creating a unique and artful blend.

Alouette New York Cheddar – a blend of mild cheddar with sour cream and chives for a smooth, yet complex, flavor profile.

Alouette Brown Ale Cheddar – the distinctive, warm flavor of Brown Ale with a distinguishing chocolate after-taste that perfectly complements cheddar.

Snack Healthy Valentine’s Day and Beyond w/ DOVE Fruit Dipped In Dark Chocolate

We couldn’t write about Valentine’s Day without saying something about chocolate, and the latest launch from DOVE Chocolate is a great way to start. We find ourselves unable to keep our hands out of bags of DOVE Fruit Dipped In Dark Chocolate ever since we were introduced to it at Food Fete. It’s the best of both worlds, the indulgence of Dove dark chocolate, and the goodness of whole, health-benefiting fruit.

Who says strawberries are the only fruit that gets to be covered in chocolate. DOV has added some decadence to the packaged healthy snacking category by taking the top-selling fruits on the market, and completely covering them in creamy dark chocolate, resulting in bags of deliciousness that you can enjoy anywhere. Your taste buds will thank you as you surrender to the delectable and exceptional experience of  DOVE Blueberries Dipped In Dark Chocolate, Cranberries Dipped in Dark Chocolate, and Cherries Dipped in Dark Chocolate.

This decadent snack is practically hedonistic, but hen what more can you ask for than delicious, real fruit, dipped in silky-smooth DOVE Dark Chocolate. This must-have snack comes in three convenient sizes, a 2.83-ounce sharing size (though you may find yourself not), a 6.0-ounce stand-up pouch, and a 26-ounce bag. The 2.83 oz. sharing size (in Cranberry and Blueberry) retails for $1.99-$2.59, and the  6.0 oz. small stand-up pouch (in all three flavors) retailing for $3.59-$4.79. Look for all varieties at Convenience, Drug, and Grocery Stores, as well as Mass Markets.