New! Nivea Hydra IQ Technology

Nivea, known for keeping our bodies moisturized for the past century (they celebrate 100 years this year), has launched a range of products containing their new Hydra IQ Technology, a new exclusive patented moisturizing technology that works to balance the skin’s moisture level. Hydra IQ supports the skin’s hydration system and the transfer of moisture throughout the skin. Promoting water transfer throughout the moisture network results in superior, longer-lasting skin hydration.

The new Hydra IQ Technology skincare range includes:

get link NEW! NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion, $8.99 (SRP) for 13.5 oz NEW! NIVEA Express Hydration Freshening Gel, $7.99 (SRP) for 13.5 oz
is kaletra available in the italia NEW! NIVEA Touch of Cashmere Body Wash, $5.99 (SRP) for 16.9 fl oz
lopinavir coronavirus pills NEW! NIVEA Touch of Serenity Body Wash, $5.99 (SRP) for 16.9 fl oz
NIVEA HYDRA IQ technology will also be available in the existing NIVEA Smooth Sensation, Essentially Enriched, and kaletra over the counter Happy Sensation Body Lotions and NIVEA Body Washes
So what are the benefits of this new technological moisturizing wonder? Hydra IQ intelligently delivers moisture where it is needed, resulting in smoother, silkier and softer skin.

Benefits include:

Uniquely moisturizing from above AND within the skin
Unleashing long-lasting moisture that lasts more than 24 hours
Smoothing and softening skin with daily use

I’m a sucker for body wash and I believe a have at least one bottle of Nivea left in my vast collection, so I’m really excited about the addition moisture. I’ve been using the Express Hydration Freshening Gel with vigor and I find myself getting dressed a little bit faster than usual (during colder months, my skin is drier, so I have to use a heavier body moisturizer and I always have to take an extra few minutes for my body cream to completely absorb into my skin before I get dressed).

The NIVEA Express Hydration Freshening Gel is also a cooling gel, providing freshness as well as all day moisturization, thanks to the Cooling Mint Extract. As the weather gets hotter (hopefully), this will be a staple to my post shower routine. Get to know the other Nivea Hydra IQ products below, all of which are available in stores now.

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