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Milbon Professional Haircare Introduces Neu Due and Aprou

The change of the season always affects us – our skin, mood and even our hair. If you’ve ever paid attention to your hair, you will find it reacts to the weather just like the rest of your body (mine does anyway). My hair tends to lean to the dry side and even more so while it tries to adjust to new weather conditions plus I color my hair (as I have previously featured), a process which also tends to dry the hair. Women with colored hair experience different kinds of textural damage to their hair such as dry, rough and tangles. Luckily, I was introduced to Milbon, Japan’s Top Brand in Professional Hair Care Products. Milbon is introducing two new haircare products that launch in Salons on June 1st – Neu Due and Aprou.

The Neu Due collection of products comes in three ranges – SilkyLuxe, WillowLuxe and VelourLuxe. All three include a shampoo, treatment and nutrient and is designed to improve the texture of colored hair without altering the beautiful color.

The SilkyLuxe range of haircare products is made for fine hair; it detangles and smoothes hair while adding silky lightness

WillowLuxe, for dry/normal hair like mine, moisturizes and smoothes hair.

VelourLuxe is for coarse and hard to manage hair; it softens and smoothes hair

I was lucky enough to receive samples of WillowLuxe and I must say – wow, is my hair fabulous and quite soft to the touch. The cherry on top on this luxe sundae are the Leave-In Treatments from Aprou which are designed to moisturize hair easily and quickly anytime, anywhere without affecting your hairstyle.

The Water Gel is for fine/normal hair; easy to spread and penetrate the hair. It stays inside hair shaft and makes hair easy to blow dry without over drying hair. I am in love with this product, it melts into my hair so quickly and there’s no greasy feeling or residue. I couldn’t not help playing with my hair and this is coming from someone who usually wears her hair in a bun – it’s been down since I started using the Neu Deu and Aprou products.

The Milk Moisture leaves coarse hair with no sticky feeling, makes hair more manageable and allows easier blow drying with more flexibility. The Aprou Milk Moisture is perfect for you if you have excessive dry hair or if you partake in lots of processes that dry out the hair.

Either of these products will have you (or that special someone) constantly playing with your hair. These lightweight leave-ins are uber moisturizing, both contain Hydroloyzed collagen, a key component that delivers moisture in CMC to keep hair healthy (and young)! So where can you get your hands on these wonderful products? As of mid-May, there is a product finder on the website, so you will be able to locate where to purchase these Milbon products. For those of you who want these now, visit where to buy the products, visit the following New York salons – Hazan Salon, Kiwa salon and Hayato NY.

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