Lands’ End Fall 2011 Holiday Collection

Imagine yourself in a cabin in the woods with family or friends, sitting around a roaring fire while delicate snowflakes fall from the sky outside – of course you’re most likely sipping on a cup of hot chocolate or tea while sitting on your couch watching TV but if you’re wearing any of Lands’ End’s Winter collection, your tiny apartment will seem like a cozy cabin. The Lands’ End Holiday 2011 collection features gifts with a more personalized feel because they are handcrafted.

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Classic old American touches like needlepoint appear in iPad and tablet cases (which on closer inspection looks like tent stitches) and slippers; while knitted throw pillow covers and stockings joins Lands’ End’s classic sweaters, peacoats, shirts and pants.

ritonavir coronavirus buy online And of course, what’s winter without plaid. Lands’ End plaid makes its way throughout the collection. I spotted plaid shirts, pajamas, robes, a chic shift dress and even a wrap – are all seen in winter’s uniform

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