Chantelle Lingerie Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Preview

I’ve noted several times how a pair of incredible shoes can make a woman feel sexy which is of course very true but that is just one thing out of many that make a woman feel sensual, provocative and flirtatious – another major contributor to those feeling are gorgeous high-end lingerie, like Chantelle’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. I had the pleasure of attending their Fall collection preview hosted by ILOVEAGOOD.

Chantelle Lingerie is a high-end collection inspired by regions of Paris, France. It features expert craftsmanship, luxe beauty, gorgeous details, and a refined heritage. For Fall 2012, the collection focuses on four color story trends based on the deep, rich hues of gemstones. Highlights includes embroidered tulle, their signature saddle stitching, sophisticated embellishments such as floral motifs, touches of lace, and delicate bows; One of my favorites styles was the C Chic Sexy Bra which featured pleated straps, a combination of knit fabric, tulle and lace as well as a sweet crystal at the center – it’s gorgeous in violet.


One of the three favorite precious gemstones of jewelers (with emerald and sapphire). Rubies express passion and seduction and it comes in different shades: deep red, raspberry or burnt orange


Amber touches bring contrast and sophisticated to everyday nude, milk and ebony colors. Very casual chic.

Black Pearl

The mystery of Japanese black pearl, the richness of the emerald green and the audacity of deep purple for a contemporary and designer look.

Grey Gold

Shades of grey, urban and Parisians’ staple color contrasted with touches of blue indigo. Not to forget the Python Grey print which continues the Chantelle animal print story.

This stunning collection is available now and is available at the following retailers – Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Ave, etc.

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