Zorbies Underwear: Secure, Comfortable Period & Incontinence Undies

Zorbies Underwear: Secure, Comfortable Period & Incontinence Undies

Despite what the commercials try to project, no one is happy on their periods or gleefully accidentally wetting themselves. Getting your period sucks on all levels; especially when it comes to changing your pads or tampons several times thanks to a heavy flow or having embarrassing leaks in public. Don’t even get us started on having to carry around several pads and tampons everywhere we go (this is part of why women carry big purses). Hell, even in certain positions can cause leaks, proving that pads and tampons just don’t cut it. Thankfully, there is a solution in period underwear. Thanks to Zorbies Underwear, makers of protective underwear, we’re blessed with secure and comfortable period and incontinence undies. Today, we’re concentrating on their period underwear.

Zorbies Underwear: Secure, Comfortable Period & Incontinence Undies

Say goodbye to your underwear getting stained (or that stain transferring to other surfaces like your pants); pads that twist, turn, and stick to where they shouldn’t (big ouch); having to wear two pads (the horror), or the old tampon AND pad combo. If you’re ready to wave embarrassing leaks and having to change your pad or tampon multiple times a day goodbye, then Zorbies Underwear is definitely what you need. What makes this reusable period underwear brand so great? More coverage, more protective layers, and better absorbency, which in turn, means YOU being more comfortable. Check out the graphic below of Zorbies Underwear’s expanded built-in coverage and absorbency:

Zorbies Underwear: Secure, Comfortable Period & Incontinence Undies

Imagine sleeping in whatever position you want, not just how your period is forcing you to. And bonus, if you add up how much you pay for pads and tampons, you’ll realize that in the long run, investing in Zorbies Underwear is a more budget-friendly option; plus it’s better for the environment. Whether it’s your heavy days, moderate, or light days, you can never go wrong with extra protection.

These soft-all-over period panties have the perfect amount of stretch to hug comfortably. It also boasts a comfy, wide waistband that helps prevent the waist from rolling down to become an uncomfortable bulge. Now, for those of you who are more used to pads or just feel more comfortable wearing one, Zorbies also makes Pad Underwear.  These undies have a 2-layer pocket to hold a pad securely in place; it handles most levels of pads, from light to super absorbent. The layer that goes under the pad is waterproof, so you get 2X the protection. Your pad stays put to give you better coverage, and you get a safety net waterproof layer in case your pad leaks.

Both styles of Zorbies underwear range in size from small to 2XL, and are measured by hip size. The brief-style panties are available in the following packs: 1pk, 4pk, and 10pk. If you’re ready to say goodbye to uncomfortable, unsecured, and disappointing menstrual products, add Zorbies period underwear to your life.

Effleure Launches First-Ever Luxury Scented Lingerie Collection

Effleure Launches First-Ever Luxury Scented Lingerie Collection

For the moment, most of us are quarantine with our loved ones, many of which are your significant others. While absence makes the heart grow fonder, we’re not so sure if 24hr access keeps the relationship all that exciting. Let’s be honest; most of us are living in sweatpants or leggings. So that had us wondering, how are you keeping your love lives exciting? We know that boredom can lead to many things; with a reduction in libidos, how do you make being intimate become exciting again? Luckily for you ladies, Effleure has a way to add a bit of excitement back in the bedroom with the launch of the first-ever luxury scented lingerie collection.

Effleure Luxury Scented Lingerie Collection

Founded by Virginia Marcolin, a veteran of the lingerie market, the memorable sensory collection shows that you can be your own or your partner’s aphrodisiac. Effleure is the perfect marriage of scent and luxury ladies underwear in three iconic designs. Available styles include the Bikini ($20.00), the G-String (2-pack/$25.00), and Boyshort ($25.00, aka the culotte in the UK). These underwear styles are gently and safely infused with ingredients that are free of heavy metals and known carcinogens.


The therapeutic-grade essential oils allow the scent to last through multiple washes of the top drawer staple. Effleure scent-infused undergarments are as safe for the skin as taking a bubble bath, thanks to their tried and tested proprietary formula. The black lace and microfiber underwear are infused with lavender, black coconut, dark chocolate, or French vanilla essential oils. They are designed to embolden the wearer and are available in sizes small through XXL.

Effleure Luxury Scents

“Our lingerie is about embracing womanhood, and frankly, seduction is the bonus. We want women to wear lavish lingerie that inspires confidence to succeed in everything they do. This kind of luxury is a state of mind.” Virginia Marcolin, the founder and CEO of Effleure Inc.

Effleure Launches First-Ever Luxury Scented Lingerie Collection

By introducing a third sense to the mix, Effleure lingerie not only stimulates in the moment on a higher level, but it also employs the brain’s ability to recall enticing memories.

Marcolin adds, “The science behind this is simple. After you’ve worn our infused lingerie with your lover, when they’re away and happen to smell a similar smell, the brain’s olfactory function springs into motion and they immediately think of you.  It’s an instinctual win/win.”

Furthermore, Effleure is committed to donating $1.00 of every sale to one of four partnering charities.

Curve New York Trade Show

Check Out the Hottest Trends In Lingerie from CURVE New York

The 6th annual Curve New York event is one of the largest lingerie shows in the country.

“This show was one of the most well attended with buyers from 25 countries and 47 US states!” Exclaimed Raphael Camp, the CEO of Eurovet Americas who served as the producer for the event. “We received positive feedback that brands made impactful business relationships and secured substantial orders. All exhibiting brands, buyers, sponsors, and press partners made this season truly memorable.”

Curve New York Trade ShowCurve New York Trade Show

More than 250 different apparel brands were involved in the intimate apparel industry event. Some of the top names who made an appearance at CURVE New York include Eberjey, Chantelle, and Komar. From fitting workshops to panels discussing inclusivity, this event did more than just showcase the newest and brightest from lingerie companies creating lingerie similar to designer lingerie by Natori; it set the top trends we can expect to see throughout the next year.

When 99.7% of people agree that a healthy smile is socially important, it makes a pretty convincing statement about the timelessness of an important physical feature. However, like the rest of our bodies change, so do the fashion trends we see rise and fall in the clothing that we adorn.

Curve New York Trade Show

No one is so in-tune with current trends as Camp.

“We are seeing the rise of hybrid brands — the lines between innerwear and outerwear are being blurred. Lingerie and Swimwear items are being crafted in new materials that artfully transition from the boudoir or pool to the nightclub or music festival.”

Without further ado, here are some of the industry trend favorites from Curve New York this year:

Bondage-Inspired Looks

Who says bondage isn’t fashion?

Society is becoming more sex-positive with each passing year. It isn’t frowned upon to talk about sex anymore and more people are visiting sites like Etsy to find bondage equipment that they can experiment with. Of course, not everyone is into BDSM but there is a growing interest, which is what is making these types of lingerie so popular. Bordelle, DTSM, Mila Krasna, and Elissa Poppy are the ones driving this new fashion trend. The fashion brands stunned audiences with bondage-inspired lingerie that fans couldn’t get enough of. Complete with strappy, skin-tight details and more than a few leather features, these leading lingerie brands served equal measures of fashion and fierceness at the trade show.

Retro Vibes

Dita Von Teese led the pack but their looks were closely followed by stunning selections from Lise Charmel, Parfait, Maison Close, and Noblesse Oblige. From ruffles to lace to classic silhouettes, onlookers were stunned with the unique creations at the show.

Body Positivity

With things like boudoir photo shoot New Orleans becoming more and more popular with women looking to give themselves a confidence boost, body positivity is a train that cannot be stopped. A special space was carved out to ensure that these body-positive brands were given the attention they deserve. Curvy Kate was a fan favorite, along with Gossard, Parfait, and Panache.

Paired with the special “Inclusiveness and Intimate Apparel Panel” hosted by Kimmay Caldwell, activism was at the forefront of the event this year.

Elegant Comfort

Maison Close, Leonisa, Janira, Chantelle, CosaBella, Maison Dejaby, Le Mystere, and Felina were just some of the brands hoping to blend comfort with luxury. After all, lingerie is known for its uncomfortable structure. Just like a glass partition can be framed or frameless, however, industry leaders are constantly finding new ways to add structure and comfort in lingerie.

90’s + Bodysuit Trends

Camp was right when he noted the prevalence of dextrous fashion; now, more than ever, we want clothing that does double-duty. From nights in the bedrooms where you can make him beg for it to nights on the town where you both can dance the night away, top brands were showcasing 90’s-inspired bodysuits that can be worn just about anywhere. This actually isn’t far off from Eurovet’s prediction back in November of last year, including their fan-favorite: innerwear as outerwear. Top leaders in this field include Monique Moran, Aubade, Blubella, and Undress Code. Speaking of which…

Innerwear as Outerwear

Larissa Kate, Else, Undress Code, Natori, Ipek Kramer, V.O. She, and Rya Collection took the bodysuit trend to the next level. Striking a delicate balance between sexy and conservative these brands are every Instagram girl’s dream.

Animal Print

Timeless and edgy, this print isn’t going anywhere. Gossard, Hanky Panky, and Commando are just a few names that stood out from the crowd this year.

Tattoo Embroidery

Who wouldn’t want to invest in an edgy, tattooed look? Up to 45 million Americans already have at least one tattoo — why not put them on your clothing, too? From delicate tough girl to no-holds-bar badass, Myla London and Monique Moran were loud and proud at Curve NY.

Underwire Unlined

Hello, comfort. Where have you been? Ignore pokes and prods with the help of Simone Perele, Lise Charmel, Journelle, Empreinte, and Natori.

Sustainable by Surprise

Sustainability is more important than ever. When you’re looking to help your body — and the planet — invest in brands like Lise Charmel, Clo Intimo, Elissa Poppy (sustainable European Latex made from Rubber), Kala, and MilaKrasna.

Curve’s influential trade show was so successful that critics are still singing their praises a month later. The event has gotten a particular notice on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. This isn’t surprising given that 78% of Americans use social media in one form or another. New brands were also able to weigh in on the affair, like Siella Montreal, who was “super pleased with the outcome” of the trade show.

Curve New York Trade Show

Are you on-trend this year? The next time you want to fill your closet with the best in fashion, rely on these top Curve New York designers as your guide.

THINX Period-Proof Underwear NYC Pop-up

THINX Period-Proof Underwear Pop-Up Shop Opens in NYC

Although its natural, there’s nothing enjoyable about having your period (no matter how many commercials try to convince you otherwise). It’s painful, uncomfortable and can get expensive. Ladies, have you ever calculated how much you spend in tampons and pads a year? Plus there is the fear of the dreaded and embarrassing leaks. If you’re not familiar with THINX Period-Proof Underwear, we’ve got you covered on getting acquainted. THINX is the period solutions company and creators of period-proof underwear; and if you live in NYC, you’ll definitely want to visit their pop-up shop.

THINX Period-Proof Underwear NYC Pop-up THINX Period-Proof Underwear NYC Pop-up

THINX undies are washable and reusable. Every pair of THINX is made with a signature 4-layer technology for ultimate protection. They absorb your period and are a more sustainable solution than single-use disposable products. Depending on your flow (light, medium, heavy), THINX can replace pads, tampons, liners, and cups. For extra protection and those heavy flow days, they can also be worn with tampons and cups.

THINX Period-Proof Underwear NYC Pop-upTHINX Period-Proof Underwear NYC Pop-up

We had the pleasure of attending the opening event of the THINX Period-Proof Underwear pop-up located in Soho, New York. Hosted by Real Housewives of New York’s Jill Zarin, we toured the store, met the THINX team, and got familiar with the products. Jill is actually a huge fan of THINX products, especially their Icon’s pee-proof underwear for bladder leaks. Icon underwear is available in five styles: hi-waist, hiphugger, french cut, bikini, and thong. Their color options include black, beige, grey, and blue.

THINX Period-Proof Underwear NYC Pop-upIcon Underwear for Leak Protection

If you think period-proof underwear are nowhere near stylish, think again. THINX period-proof underwear are available in a variety of styles including bikini, boy short, hi-waist, hiphugger, and thong. Cotton underwear fans will love their organic cotton brief, bikini, and thong offerings.

THINX Period-Proof Underwear Hi-Waist THINX Period-Proof Boy Short THINX Period-Proof Cotton Bikini Underwear

At the pop-up, all three THINX brands – THINX, THINX (BTWN) and Icon – are available. The store offers a customized Cycle-Set Bar, allowing shoppers to pick out their perfect cycle-set. THINX (BTWN) is specifically for young girls, ages 9-16, and come in three different styles: bikini, brief, and shorty. They are available in two colors/one print: Tidal Wave, Beet Juice, and Let’s Polka.

THINX Period-Proof Underwear NYC Pop-up THINX Period-Proof Underwear NYC Pop-up

The THINX Period-Proof Underwear is open seven days a week, from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm and runs through February 28th, 2019.  You can find it located at 199 Lafayette Street.

Luxury Fit for a Queen: Rigby & Peller Lingerie Stylists London

Our degree of separation from the Queen was officially dropped to one thanks to the US launch of Rigby & Peller Lingerie Stylists London. We were one of the lucky few who had the chance to preview the new flagship location in New York and have a sit down with the Queen’s fitter, the very charming June Kenton. The renowned lingerie retailer, founded in the UK in 1939 by two female corsetières, Gita Peller and Bertha Rigby, has expanded to our side of the pond with 13 US locations, and people from a london escort to the office worker has grown fond of their offerings.

The Rigby & Peller Lingerie Stylists London stores, who believes every woman should be properly fitted every six months, be they a BBW on cam or a mother in their element, brings their distinctive and rich heritage of more than 75 years in the premium lingerie business and their signature luxury service pioneered by the company called “Lingerie Styling.”

“Van de Velde is committed to bringing the Rigby & Peller brand to the American woman,” says Dirk De Vos, Director of Retail at Van de Velde, Rigby & Peller’s parent company. “We will bring a high level of service paired with premium product offerings to the American consumer under a brand that brings years of experience in Lingerie Styling and which also holds the Royal Warrant of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.”

Each Rigby & Peller store carries more than 90 bra sizes ranging from A to K cup. Their amazing personal shopping and fitting experience is like no other (you know your girls will be well carried when each Rigby & Peller bra contains 45 components, as opposed to the usual 25 and each Rigby & Peller bra takes 30 minutes to assemble). They go beyond supplying the typical bra for all your garments and encourage having styles that keep up with seasonal trends and fashionable colors. In fact, Mrs. Kenton stated just as women have various garments and shoes in their closets, they should also have different bras: a t-shirt bra, a bra for seduction, a bra that makes us feel beautiful, and so on. We’re really excited about the fact that they also offer swimwear with swim tops that fit and support you as wonderfully as their bras too.

The stores carry premium brands like Marie Jo, PrimaDonna, Aubade, Empreinte, Simone Pérèle and many more, with a range of brands exclusive to the Rigby & Peller’s US stores, including Le Chat, Barbara, On Gossamer, Hanky Panky, Jonquil and In Bloom. The first of our favorite moments of the evening (the second was interviewing June Kenton…see below for the video) was being fitted and finding a gorgeous plunge bra that didn’t only fit our bountiful girls, but our naughty side as well. Behold the Aubade Tickle Belle Bra, a knockout bursting with seductive details, such as the removable, fringed plumetis tulle bow, which can be used for lots of fun purposes.

Check out the video of our interview with the incredibly sweet and hilarious June Kenton. We know it was a bit cheeky, but we had to ask the first question but, of course being the proper lady Mrs. Kenton is, we’re not surprised that we didn’t get one. It was a wonderful evening just the same. Enjoy the video below and please forgive our lack of makeup (it was a rough day):

In addition to Rigby & Peller’s new U.S. stores, the brand also has locations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong and China. To learn more about Rigby & Peller or to make an appointment to receive a personalized Lingerie Styling session, visit or pop into their NYC Flagship at 104 5th Avenue.

Wear Your Curves Proudly | City Chic’s Spring 2015 Collection

We hate begin this post by saying we’re highlighting some stunning plus size fashion from City Chic for Spring 2015. We’d much rather say today we’re showing some very chic, sexy, and glamorously bold spring 2015 looks, which just happens to be for the plus size fashionista….because that’s exactly what they are. Ladies, if you have some bodacious curves, you definitely need to read on for some fun, fashionable, and fearless spring fashions for this fab fashion label. Whether you’re looking for some stunning dresses, chic separates, or sensual intimate apparel or swimwear, you need the stylish offerings from City Chic.

Are you in need of some fab day dresses? Perhaps some stylish festival looks, or some spring/summer staples. There are so many fab options to love from City Chic. We are head over heels over all the belted options, whether they be maxi dresses, short dresses, or jumpsuits. A skinny belt adds an even higher level of sophistication to these great looks. We’re dreaming of having the bold red with black trim maxi, the stunning navy flared dresses with red belts, and the red and black floral jumpsuit in our closet now. Adding a belt really accentuates the curve of the waist; choosing the design of the belt also brings the outfit together further. Having a designer belt is desirable, namely Gucci, to keep the outfit stylish and on-trend. If this designer brand is out of your budget, consider a Gucci belt replica. Some will look just like the real thing!

The aptly named City Chic is bursting with incredible looks for spring, you may find yourself looking to replace everything in your closet with these great pieces. You may also find that your friends that are not shapely or voluptuous will seethe with envy that these great spring looks are not available in their size.

City Chic wonderfully proves that just because you’re a size 14 and up, you don’t have to give up on having a chic wardrobe. We hope you’re already a fan of the brand and you’re aware of all of these stunning pieces, but if you aren’t, welcome to your new favorite label ladies.

What are your favorite looks from City Chic’s Spring 2015 Collection?

Daisy Fuentes Fall 2014 Intimate Apparel Collection w/ Carrie Amber Intimates

This week isn’t only about what’s hot in fall fashion, we’re seeing several new and exciting launches happening in other segments. Actress and Fashion Designer, Daisy Fuentes, is expanding her fashion empire to include intimate apparel. In a not so shocking partnership, we find a wonderful development in the Daisy Fuentes Fall 2014 Intimate Apparel Collection with Carrie Amber Intimates, making this Daisy Fuentes’s first line of intimates for the contemporary market launching Fall 2014

The Daisy Fuentes intimate apparel collection boasts a complete assortment of flirty and sexy bras, panties, and sleepwear. Featuring playful prints, vibrant and deep colors, subtle touches of bright hues, the feminine collection flatters a woman’s natural shape and provides the ability to mix and match separates with it’s modern basics. Whimsical and fashionable embellishments include Owl-print (which reminded us of the golden owl from Clash of the Titans), and Scottish Terrier-print pajama bottoms, pink and grey ombre-lace bra/panty, leopard-print corset, bras, panties and pajamas and stunning jewel-toned colors.

Our overall favorite styles, which we wish we had in our boudoir now,  included a sensuous royal blue and black babydoll teddy, the leopard-print corset and panty set and the emerald green corset and panty set, all of which can be seen below:

Check out video of Daisy discussing her partnership with Carrie Amber Intimates.

What are your thoughts on the Daisy Fuentes Fall 2014 Intimate Apparel Collection?

Shopping NYC | Natori Sample Sale

When doing your change of season wardrobe updates, don’t forget the essentials. Intimate Apparel is a necessity and getting great items at an amazing deal is a major plus in this economy. Saving money is always great and it means that you can always buy more. Check out this amazing sample sale from Natori on sleepwear, bras and underwear.

Take advantage of discounts on Sleepwear from $15.00 – $30.00, bras at $10.00, and panties for $3.00.