Show Your Bra Straps …Fashionably & WIN a Pair of Decorative Straps

Don’t you hate it when you’re wearing one of your most chicest looks but it loses a little appeal because your bra strap is showing? Ladies who are top heavy like I am know what I’m talking about. We “gifted girls” don’t have a choice in wearing a bra or not, we have to or we’re likely to take an eye out. We’re always looking for ways to camouflage our bras but two companies are making sure to highlight our boulder holders – Strappy’s Decorative Bra Straps, The Bra-Zing and Le BraZees Designer Bra Straps.


Strappy’s Decorative Bra Straps is a summer fashion fix for exposed bra straps and slipping strapless bras. They can be considered as interchangeable shoulder jewelry. They are the perfect solution for peekaboo bra straps. Strappys offers decorative straps to replace your bra straps in rhinestone, beaded, fabric options. It is perfect for your bras with removable straps. Their mantra is to let your straps show…Fashionably and when you wear a pair, no one can accuse you of not being fabulous.

The Bra-Zing

While Strappy’s replaces your bra straps, The bra-Zing covers your bra straps – great for all your bras that do not have removable straps. It comes in a variety of colors and widths and can even be used for maternity bras. They are perfect if  your bra straps are faded or straggly. All you do is peel away the adhesive covering on the back of your bra-Zing and press it to your existing bra strap. Because we’re so close to celebrating America’s Independence, we’re celebrating by giving away a few of the 4th of July bra-Zings to a few lucky readers…enter to win the patriotic straps in the Rafflecopter entry form at the end of this post.

Le BraZees

Spanish Fashion Designer Marta Silvestre, utilizes Swarkovski crystals and pearls as embellishments for her Le BraZees line. With more than 20 dazzling designs Le BraZees provides support, style and a touch of elegance to off-the-shoulder, solid and sheer asymmetrical casual tops and formal attire. As with Strappys, these are perfect for bras with removable straps.

Like what you see? Then enter to win your own pair of patriotic The Bra-Zing Bra Straps below:

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