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Lunch is Served | Thai Kitchen Green Curry Kit

Sometimes I find myself snacking as I’m updating my content or eating hors d’oeuvres at an event and that is usually my lunch or dinner. But every so often I love to take the time out to prepare a home-cooked meal – of course with my schedule, I have to go with meal options that are quick and easy to make. And what’s easier than creating a meal where you only have to purchase two items? Item 1 – shrimp (you can substitute chicken and/or vegetables), item 2 – the Thai Kitchen Green Curry Kit (there’s also a Red Curry Kit). I am a huge fan of curry dishes…huge!! So you know this meal was going to be enjoyed.

The Green Curry Kit includes jasmine rice, coconut milk and curry sauce made from authentic ingredients such as garlic, lemongrass, galangal (Thai ginger) and shallots. Green curry is a classic Thai dish and one of my favorite types of curry (yes there are several types). Creating my lunch was so easy, I was hardly in the room as it was cooking. As per the instructions, I first prepared the Jasmine rice whose aroma and naturally delicious flavor had me continuously snacking

The next step was sauce preparation – first bringing the coconut milk to a simmer then adding the green curry sauce which also makes a great stir-fry seasoning or base for soup. Eight minutes later, my kitchen smelled like an exotic Thai locale. The final step was to add my shrimp and wait for it to be enveloped into the flavor of the Thai Green Curry sauce.


Now comes the really fun part – enjoying the delicious creation. While you can just top the Jasmine rice with the shrimp and rice, I prefer to enjoy the delicious curry sauce with every bite so I decided to mix the Jasmine rice into the sauce. The next time I create this meal, and believe me I plan on it, I will add some vegetables but for this meal – it was absolutely perfect. Every bite delicious!

Want to try this dish or others from Thai Kitchen for yourself? Log on to the online store at The Curry Kits retail for $4.59 each.

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