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Plagued With Acne-Prone Skin? You Should b.liv

As a teen, I was always told I’d grow out of my acne outbreaks. As an adult, that statement never came true for me. You see I suffer from not just acne but large pores and blackheads as well – the triple threat. You can imagine that finding products that address all three skin issues at once is a bit difficult. I usually have to purchase multiple products to use at once which of course can overwhelm the skin and cause extreme dryness, etc as a result. I’ve tried using products for treating acne scars and I’ve even tried multiple different blackhead pore strips. It’s very difficult for me to find products that work as my skin is so sensitive. What if you could build your skincare regime to address all the various issues you have without overwhelming your skin? You can with luxury skin care products, b.liv by cellnique. The brand has skincare products to address blackheads, large pores, acne/blemishes, dry/dehydrated skin, etc. And you can mix and match the products to your skin issues. I have been using some of their products over the past several weeks and here’s my take:

I was given the opportunity to try the products you see above and of course at jumped at the chance to finally get my skincare issues under control. While blackheads do pop up every once in a while, my major issues are acne/blemishes and large pores so I selected the no spots bye dots blemish cleansing gel, off with those heads blackheads sebum gel, glow and shine exfoliating mask and shrink and tighten+ large pores diminishing night complex. See my experiences with each product below:

no spots bye dots blemish cleansing gel – I loved this cleanser for so many reasons.  I love the fact that it’s a gel cleanser, it felt lightweight and when it comes to acne cleansers, my skin tends to feel dry and tight afterwards but not with this cleanser, my face loved clean, bright and didn’t feel like I had to slather it with tons of moisturizer to feel comfortable.

off with those heads blackheads sebum gel – a perfect, lightweight daytime gel especially for those humid days. This cooling gel performed very well under the New York City humidity and because of it, I haven’t used my blotting sheets as much as I did before thanks to it keeping my excessive oiliness under control. If you’re like me and have always felt the need to blot, this will help.

glow and shine exfoliating mask – you get the best of both worlds with this product. If you love a mask and love the feel of exfoliation, this is exactly what you need. Say goodbye to those enlarged pores and hello to brighter, more even toned skin. My major problem areas are my cheeks and this exfoliating mask has greatly diminished the unevenness of my skin.

shrink and tighten+ large pores diminishing night complex – I admit I was a bit worried when I first put this product on, not because I thought it wouldn’t work but because I perspire when I sleep and the night complex left a warming sensation on my skin. – you can imagine those humid summer nights were a task but it seemed to be doing what it is meant to. I didn’t use it everyday (as I should have) because of the warmth but I did notice my skin looked firmer and some of my acne scars seemed less noticeable. As the temperature cools down, I will be using it more.

Are you a teen or adult sufferer of acne? Are you tired of your acne products addressing only one aspect of your acne or over-drying your skin and are ready for something new that works? b.liv by Cellnique is a must-have. I knew the the products were really working when after a long week of 2 hours of sleep per day plus running from event to event, I received nothing but compliments about how I was glowing and my skin looked great – this of course was the opposite of how I felt. That is a true testament to how amazing these products are.

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