Spice Up Your Look! Far East-Inspired Prints from Wallis Fashion

Who says your fall wardrobe has to be simple and boring. Why not spice up your look with a colorful Eastern-inspired print jacket from Wallis! Perfect for the transitioning seasons, these gorgeous, lightweight Kimono-style jackets and blazers (seen below in bold patterns), adds an exotic flare to jeans and tees. They also work as a perfect decorative layer over a little black dress. So ditch the subdued hues of typical cardigans and solid-colored blazers and go for one of these fab prints.

Seen above are the Black Oriental Jacket $54.00, Oriental Print Blazer $54.00, Red Kimono Style Jacket $44.00, Petite Butterfly Print Jacket $44.00. All of Wallis’ prints are exclusive to the brand and designed in-house.
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