Attn Couples: Increase Your Intimacy this Valentine’s Day

There’s no denying that Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating couples. Whether the day involves dinner at a romantic restaurant, flowers or some other gift to show how much you love your sweetheart. Why not go further and help strengthen your relationship with these wonderful, interactive Valentine’s Day couples gift ideas.

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41 replies
  1. Nena Sinclair
    Nena Sinclair says:

    As a child, I would go to our local small town theater with my brothers and sisters and it had to include popcorn! It has always been a big treat!

  2. ern
    ern says:

    Popcorn is awesome. It is one of the best snacks. I remember when I first tried flavored popcorn in second grade and I fell in love with it.

  3. Jane H
    Jane H says:

    I'm not sure if it quite a popcorn story but my cousin proposed to his fiancee by hiding the ring in a box of cracker jacks.

  4. Vikki Billings
    Vikki Billings says:

    I use to go to my grammy's house every weekend when I was growing up and we would pop popcorn and watch Friday Fright Night on television. Its some of the best memories I have with her. I miss her very much!

  5. Laurie Emerson
    Laurie Emerson says:

    My most memorable popcorn experience was when I went to the movies with my then boyfriend. We were sharing popcorn at the movies and when I went to take out a handful, he put his hand in the box and put an engagement ring on my finger. It has been my favorite snack every since!

  6. Angela Kinder
    Angela Kinder says:

    I love eating popcorn because it is a comfort food for me. There is nothing better than eating popcorn and reading a good book or watching a good movie.

  7. caj417
    caj417 says:

    popcorn is my favorite snack because it reminds me of all the times my family spends together watching movies at home or at the theater

  8. Lisa Fonseca
    Lisa Fonseca says:

    I remember going to the movies with my teen son and he was extremely annoyed because of the crunch of the popcorn. I didn't care, nothing was going to stop me from eating my popcorn. And no, I don't eat loudly or smack, it's just the sound of it. Absolutely LOVE popcorn!

  9. Mj Gardner
    Mj Gardner says:

    Popcorn is my favorite snack because it is so versatile! There are endless flavorings that go well with popcorn and my favorite is caramel!

  10. Jill Myrick
    Jill Myrick says:

    Growing up my dad made popcorn nightly. We would sneak out of bed and eat it out of the bowl beside his recliner when we thought he wasn't looking. As we got older we realized he always knew that we were there. But it was always fun when we were little.


  11. Brenda Elsner
    Brenda Elsner says:

    I love that there is so much to do with popcorn. We always have popcorn on our family movie nights and our game nights.

  12. susansmoaks
    susansmoaks says:

    i love popcorn. i eat it almost everyday. i really like to try the fancy popcorns too. thanks for the chance to win. i am tony l smoaks on rafflecopter.

  13. Lorina Padgett
    Lorina Padgett says:

    I have always loved popcorn. Even as a child using Jiffy Pop on the stove it was a favorite of mine. It is my go to snack. I guess it reminds me of my childhood and going to the movies.

  14. 1froglegs
    1froglegs says:

    We love popcorn in our household because it is delicious and healthy at the same time. There are very few snacks that the kids actually ask for that aren't bad for them.

  15. Sarah Hall
    Sarah Hall says:

    When I was growing up, we did not have much money to buy snacks but popcorn was so inexpensive and good that we loved it. I really enjoy kettlecorn.

  16. Liza Ellis
    Liza Ellis says:

    Popcorn brings back happy memories of my grandfather teaching us how to make it, it just a wonderful memory & feeling


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