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Get Customized Hair Color at Home w/ eSalon

Don’t you hate it when you use a box color at home and either the color isn’t want you thought (or wanted) or somehow it gets screwed up and you end up with unintentional green hair. Wouldn’t you like someone to tell you what your perfect hair color is just by looking at your hair, skin-tone, etc and without breaking your budget or leaving the comfort of your home? In comes in eSalon, a ground-breaking way to get the hair color that’s right for you with hi-tech, on-demand products. This breakthrough beauty brand is set to meet all your growing hair color needs.

So what exactly is eSalon? It is the first and only online subscription service to create customized and professional hair color that is delivered directly to you to use at home. Unlike traditional boxed hair color and even other hair color services, eSalon’s hair color is color that is made up of a specific mixture and blend of shades that perfectly matches your color needs. eSalon offers thousands of color variations, with endless possibilities for your perfect match.

How does eSalon find your perfect color? Easy, they take into account your natural hair color, amount of gray hair you have, your previous color, hair texture and condition, your desired color, and other variables. The result is a custom formulated hair color that you could never get in any boxed color or off the shelf. Every order is custom blended, bottled, packaged, and sent to you. They even provide personalized instructions customized for each individual.

You can purchase eSalon’s hair color as a one time use for $19.95 (boxed hair color usually goes for $15.00 and a salon visit is a minimum $80.00) or have your custom color re-sent to you every 4, 6 or 8 weeks, depending on how often you want to color your hair. Why not get your eSalon “made for you” custom hair color now. You’ll also love their Color Kiss Root Touch Up, currently available in 10 shades, with 10 more on the way), Tinted Love Color Enhancer, Heart Lock It Color Safe Shampoo, Love Unconditionally Color Safe Conditioner, Shining Armor Renewing Treatment Oil, Perfect Ending Leave-in Conditioner and lots of hair coloring tools and accessories including hair clips, coloring bowls, smocks, etc.

If you;re looking to brighten up your dull color, add some dimension or want to try a new hair color, it’s all just a click away to eSalon.

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