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Click-eez Anti-Bullying Bracelets | It’s About Clicking Together

The non-profit organization “End to Cyber Bullying” (ETCB) has partnered with the new accessory company, Click-eez, a fashion accessories for young girls with a very important message and cause – an end to bullying.

Click-eez bracelets are not only adorable and fashionable, they also spread the positive message. Together with ETCB, they are spreading awareness about bullying and cyber-bullying, which has been on the rise in the last few years. Many parents may not be aware of the dangers of bullying on the internet but the it can be very dangerous. Anyone who has experienced this type of bullying could contact local digital Forensic Investigators so that they can collect evidence which then could be used to press charges aginst the bullies. However, educating both parents and children about cyberbullies is the best way to keep people safe online. These stack-able bracelets make a distinct clicking sound when stacked together, which helps to promote their inventive catchphrase “it’s about clicking together!”

Here’s a close up of the bracelets stacked together.They tote messages such as “be the change” and “click together”

Click-eez can be shared and traded with friends, which kids surely love. These bracelets are going to be the next big thing with little girls and tweens alike. Click-eez can be mixed and matched to compliment any outfit, which is great because it enables girls to show off their individual taste and style. With the holiday season right around the corner, these would make a great stocking stuffers for your favorite little girl!

Click-eez bracelets are bright, colorful, and flashy – a sure hit with any little girl.
Here’s a picture of them being worn – so adorable!

Click-eez can help to open up important conversations about cyber bullying with your little girl, without any unwanted awkwardness. We spend more and more time online in this day and age, so cyber bullying is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed with the younger generations. Click-eez is taking a step in the right direction by spreading awareness about cyber bullying using fashion and making it cool to click together.

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