Happy National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month

Happy Peanut Butter Lover’s Month! Peanut Butter, the super tasty snack full of protein, can be used in many sweet and savory dishes. There are so many was to enjoy this multi-functional and delicious power food. Whether you prefer creamy or crunchy, you will always be satisfied when you enjoy this good-for-you snack and everyone knows it. Did you know peanut butter contains over 30 essential nutrients and the average American eats more than six pounds of peanuts and peanut butter products each year?  That’s a lot of good snacking. To commemorate Peanut Butter Lover’s Month, we’re sharing our favorites PB products from lopinavir coronavirus dosing Justin’s and source Better Body Foods.

go to link 1. Justin’s Peanut Butter Squeeze Packs

Busy day? Don’t leave home without your on the go peanut butter snack! buyzithromax Justin’s Classic Peanut Butter or Honey Peanut Butter (available in jars or squeeze packs) are an awesome way to curb your peanut butter cravings when you’re out and about. You can enjoy it straight from the squeeze pack when bringing the whole jar is not an option, or bring along some crackers to spread it on (one of my favorite snacks!)

http://roadtriptheworld.com/?kaletra=generic-kaletra-buy-online 2. Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

Celebrate peanut butter lover’s month with friends (or alone, we won’t judge!) with a classic combination – peanut butter and chocolate. lopinavir/r Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups come in packs of two’s in watch Dark, http://dogtheblog.net/?dog=azithromycin-5-day-dose-pack Milk, and http://fitkatbykatrinabowden.com/?ka=lopinavir-kopen White Chocolate. These are sure to satisfy and keep a smile on any peanut butter fan who loves this timeless pairing.

Do you love your favorite spread, but need a healthier version of it? Not a problem – Better Body Foods is here for you! Their PBfit Peanut Butter Powder is made with gently roasted peanuts that get 75% of their oil pressed out of them – what a great way to slash some fat from your diet without losing the delicious peanut butter spread that you crave! The peanuts are then ground into a fine powder, along with a pinch of sugar and a dash of salt – that’s it! PBfit is made of three recognizable ingredients. It is all natural, and better for you than regular peanut butter. How amazing and simple does that sound? PBfit has 75% less fat than regular peanut butter, and nearly 1/3 the calories. All that you need to add to PBfit is water. because it is in powder form, this peanut butter can be used in all the things that regular peanut butter is used in such as smoothies, baked goods, Asian sauces (such as Hoisin,) and salad dressing. PBfit can be purchased online and at your favorite retailer nationwide.

What are your favorite peanut butter snacks? Do you prefer your peanut butter creamy or crunchy? Let us know in the comments below!


Holiday Gift Guide: JCPenney’s Hot Gifts Under $100

The weather outside may get frightful, but your fashion can still be delightful this holiday, and all for under $100. Today we bring you great gift ideas for her that brings you high fashion without the high cost thanks to JCPenney‘s affordable Holiday 2014 offerings. Gift the favorite women in your life in several very sophisticated head to toe looks. From cool leather jackets to chic dresses, stylish shoes and handbags, JCPenney has exactly what she’ll love, and you will love the savings.


This holiday season, it’s all about mixing and matching brights, patterns, and bold colors for a fun, yet chic, stylish winter look. Some of JCPenney’s latest trends for women include Fabulous Florals, Dark Decadence, and Girly Glamour, and you don’t have to sacrifice hours of online research or roaming the stores looking for these trends, just head over to the retail giant for the latest affordable holiday must-haves in clothing, shoes and accessories.

On our holiday wishlist are the following pieces from JCPenney (as pictured above):

  • nicole by Nicole Miller black pleather jacket $85.00
  • a.n.a. black pleather front ponte $44.00
  • nicole by Nicole Miller floral tunic $44.00
  • a.n.a breslin booties (black, navy) $69.99
  • nicole by Nicole Miller Sleeveless Lace-Shoulder sheath dress $60.00
  • Lulu by Lulu Guinness Floral satchel $60.00
  • a.n.a hadley lace up heels (black, snake) $49.99
  • Bisou Bisou spaghetti-strap embellished dress $80.00
  • Bisou Bisou cream sleeveless embellished peplum top $38.00
  • nicole by Nicole Miller printed scuba knit pencil skirt $44.00

You’ve seen some of our favorite items we’re hoping makes its way under our tree this holiday, what are yours?