Back to Basics w/ Bobi Los Angeles

There are certain clothing pieces that will never go out of style, no matter the year or season, these classics will remain wardrobe staples. Fashion basics are number one in this category and they include classic tees, cardigans, tanks and dresses. For such basics, we turn to Bobi Los Angeles, a collection whose options include a range of casual tees to elegant gowns, in a variety of jersey weights.

This high-end, contemporary women’s t-shirt line is a celebrity favorite, and specializes in fashion basics, dresses and tunics with distinctive cuts, longer lengths, and surprising details. The Bobi Basics are known for their precision, slimming fits, and variety of colors (don’t let the above grey, black, and white looks above deter you). Each item accentuates the best parts of a woman’s body, while camouflaging the areas women want to hide. We love the easiness and softness of these basics, especially the lightweight Long Sleeve Jersey Dress with cowl neck, the Long Sleeve Flared Hooded Mini Dress, and the Cardigan Sweaters.

Every closet needs a few Bobi Los Angeles Basics in their closets. They are wardrobe staples and make perfect layering pieces. Find out more and shop this great collection on

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