High School is all about labels – but when Mae Whitman realizes she is labeled of the follow site DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend), she is determined to change the way that she is perceived by everyone else. She strikes up a deal with one of the cute and popular boys in class – if she helps him get his grades up, he will help her lose the title of the DUFF.

lopinavir kills hpv But is it possible? Or is it once a DUFF always a DUFF? This movie raises the age-old question: are the labels that others give us really as important as we make them? Or are the ones that we give ourselves the labels that truly matter? We are wondering how this movie will portray labels and the effect that they have on us – this is especially important to teenagers. In a time where we are trying our best to be accepted by others, this movie will speak to a lot of people, anyone who hates labels, have been labeled incorrectly, or refuses to be pigeonholed into a category young as well as old. Check out the trailer below:

lopinavir buy Do you think the DUFF will be able to get the guy in the end?  Find out when the movie hits theaters, on February 20th

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