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From Dad To Tastemaker: Manhattan Moonshine

You may meander into your local Macy’s this week trying to make that dad in your life all the more cooler but the answer may not lie there. Peruse through the tie section at the local haberdasher and you may not find the result you want either. Spy inside that swanky mens groomer and momentarily ponder a great pampered shave for him, but then consider thinking deeper than skin. The modern man today is more in touch with his sense of style, why not appeal to his sense of taste with Manhattan Moonshine, a Prohibition-Style Whiskey.

So while you can always move along the lines of the more traditional this Father’s Day, why not move that dad down that pathway towards the life of an attuned tastemaker. Good style and great tastes are what an attuned tastemaker enjoys. So with its strong, familiar and classic looks along with its clean, smooth and crisp taste, Manhattan Moonshine is a spirit for the great tastemaker to be.

When you think moonshine you may tend to think illegal swill and 20th Century Prohibition. A common misconception is that moonshine was birthed in bathtubs and served up in mason jars during Prohibition. However, during that time moonshine was distributed by high class distilleries and secretly made its way into reputable speak-easies all across the U.S. Another misconception is that moonshine is a grade away from gasoline or rubbing alcohol. While it has gone through experimentation over the years from self-made alcohol ‘enthusiasts’, quality moonshine today is typically referred to as any un-aged whiskey.

When thinking tastemakers and now the taste and look of Manhattan Moonshine, think perfect blending. Take the make up of Manhattan Moonshine, which is free of all the colors and heavy flavors imparted by the barrel during the aging process as part one. This part makes it the perfect drink to make superb cocktails by infusing as clean yet bold alcoholic element on which to build everything from familiar classics like a ‘White Manhattan’ to new tasty mash-ups like the ‘Bessie Smash’ named after pioneer blues singer Bessie Smith. Part two of the Manhattan Moonshine appeal is the bottle. Classic as Manhattan’s definitive Art Deco architecture and tasteful as a posh bar’s elegant decanter, the chiseled bottle of Manhattan Moonshine is just as beautiful to behold as the taste is to savor.

I sampled this superb spirit over ice with a touch of ginger beer and a bit of fresh lime zest and was very pleased with how the texture almost seemed to enhance the flavors put into the drink while giving me that nice warm buzz of a mature relaxing cocktail. This is a great gift for any dad, modern or traditional, on Father’s Day or any day for that matter.  The universal blending ability of Manhattan Moonshine makes it a perfect addition to any man’s bar for that after work wind-down drink or that necessary weekend turn-down shot. Happy Father’s Day indeed!

Manhattan Moonshine is now available at their website here and at select liquor stores in your city. Please visit for cocktail recipes, liquor store and restaurant locators in your city and always remember to drink responsibly.

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