GIVEAWAY: Art of Zippo with Fire Artist Steven Spazuk

There are so many incredible ways to create beautiful works of art. We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing quite a few through personal experiences and through museum visits, but the most amazing form of visual art creation we’ve seen was at the Art of Zippo event with Fire Artist, Steven Spazuk. Using the flame of a Zippo windproof lighter, Steven created some of the most stunning portraits we’ve ever seen, and to celebrate, we’re giving away a really cool Art of Zippo gift set that includes a genuine and original chrome Zippo Windproof Lighter (as seen in Die Hard), and a handcrafted Case Trapper with Caplifter Pocket Knife. Read on for more information on this cool Art of Zippo giveaway.

The unique technique, called “fumage”, allows the artist to paint with fire instead of the traditional tools such as paintbrushes. To showcase this sensational talent, Zippo has launched a captivating video highlighting how Steven uses a flame to create an original artwork and reveals how he expertly harnesses the power of fire.

The extraordinary footage features Steven “attacking the paper” with the flame of a Zippo windproof lighter and other fire tools and then retouching his designs by etching patterns with natural bird feathers and blades. Filmed in his studio in Montreal, Steven divulges how his unique artistic approach originated and his inspiration. Steven’s art style, which originally came to him in a dream, is steeped in improvisation and spontaneity and is something he has worked on perfecting for the last 14 years. His long-held affinity for his own Zippo windproof lighter, dating back to his days as a college art student. Regarding the Zippo campaign, Steven said the following:

“The flame is something that truly inspires my art; once I found my way of working with fire, I knew it would become my voice and I should be committed to that craft. A Zippo lighter has always been a part of my toolbox, and I also love how it can be a piece of art in itself. To me, it’s both a muse and a tool, so Zippo is a stimulating brand to work alongside.”

While at the Art of Zippo event, we also got to see the phenomenal impact and appearances Zippo Lighters have made on not just in the everyday lives of regular people, but in the entertainment industry as well. You may recognize Zippo lighters in the following movies: Die Hard, Charlie’s Angels, Indiana Jones, X-Men, etc

 For 85 years, Zippo has brought unmatched levels of artistic talent to the smallest of canvases – from the early years of etching and hand-painted details to today’s cutting-edge 360-degree MultiCut engraving. With over 300,000 designs created since 1932, Zippo continues to push the boundaries of design, as well as inspire many other brands and organizations, as seen below:

By partnering with Steven Spazuk, Zippo is proud to continue showcasing art in all its forms. Steven has brought his unique artistic talent to a new limited edition Zippo windproof lighter, featuring his unique and hauntingly beautiful artwork, which is available now to order from

Now on to the giveaway. Want to see exactly what you’re going to win? As stated at the beginning of this post, one person will win a chrome Zippo Windproof Lighter and a handcrafted Case Trapper with Caplifter Pocket Knife (pictured below)

To enter to win this very cool prize, which makes a great Father’s Day Gift, enter to win via our Rafflecopter entry form below:

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Gin Over Neckties: Tommy Rotter Distillery Gin for Father’s Day

I strongly believe that this is the Fathers Day to say goodbye to the same old go-to’s for dad.  Has he really worn that tie yet? Does he even need a fragrance set with five items he doesn’t use anyway?  Will he ever try to synch that gadget to his phone…I mean it’s been almost a whole year already.  Perhaps what dad needs is more realism and less projecting. Projecting is one thinking that dad has a yen to learn how to keep his coffee warm with his own mug warmer.  Realism sets in when one discovers that the only drink dad really relishes in is that stiff cocktail at the end of a crazy work day. Maybe one made with Tommy Rotter Distillery Gin.

Tommy Rotter Distillery Gin

Well if you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone on Sunday and thereafter then may I suggest a gin I tasted recently that kinda wowed me. Tommy Rotter Distillery Gin is a small batch produced gin with flavor and character produced in Buffalo, New York. When you think small batch, think a more controlled center of flavor where ingredients don’t get lost in too big a fold.  This is what you have with this spirit.

Tommy Rotter Distillery Gin2

Tommy Rotter Gin has recently won awards at the San Francisco World Spirits and Denver International Spirits Competitions due to its unique flavor profile that involves a blend of herbals, fruits, roots, and flowers.  The result is a surprisingly smooth gin with a beginning of the soothing herbals and earthy spicy roots and a fresh finish of the pleasantly sweet fruits and aromatic cleansing flowers.  I tried Tommy Rotter Gin in a classic G & T with a twist of lime and the tasting just became a pleasing rush of freshness as the citrus played nicely off of the seasoned notes of the spirit.

Tommy Rotter Distillery Gin classic G & T

Is it apropos to give dad a spirit on Father’s Day?  I say with Tommy Rotter it is when you know he’s a man who enjoys a nicely executed cocktail.  It’s sure to go faster than a questionable bottle of designer cologne.

Tommy Rotter Distillery Gin is available now at your finer spirits, wines, and alcohol retailers and as always please remember to drink (and gift) responsibly.

From Dad To Tastemaker: Manhattan Moonshine

You may meander into your local Macy’s this week trying to make that dad in your life all the more cooler but the answer may not lie there. Peruse through the tie section at the local haberdasher and you may not find the result you want either. Spy inside that swanky mens groomer and momentarily ponder a great pampered shave for him, but then consider thinking deeper than skin. The modern man today is more in touch with his sense of style, why not appeal to his sense of taste with Manhattan Moonshine, a Prohibition-Style Whiskey.

So while you can always move along the lines of the more traditional this Father’s Day, why not move that dad down that pathway towards the life of an attuned tastemaker. Good style and great tastes are what an attuned tastemaker enjoys. So with its strong, familiar and classic looks along with its clean, smooth and crisp taste, Manhattan Moonshine is a spirit for the great tastemaker to be.

When you think moonshine you may tend to think illegal swill and 20th Century Prohibition. A common misconception is that moonshine was birthed in bathtubs and served up in mason jars during Prohibition. However, during that time moonshine was distributed by high class distilleries and secretly made its way into reputable speak-easies all across the U.S. Another misconception is that moonshine is a grade away from gasoline or rubbing alcohol. While it has gone through experimentation over the years from self-made alcohol ‘enthusiasts’, quality moonshine today is typically referred to as any un-aged whiskey.

When thinking tastemakers and now the taste and look of Manhattan Moonshine, think perfect blending. Take the make up of Manhattan Moonshine, which is free of all the colors and heavy flavors imparted by the barrel during the aging process as part one. This part makes it the perfect drink to make superb cocktails by infusing as clean yet bold alcoholic element on which to build everything from familiar classics like a ‘White Manhattan’ to new tasty mash-ups like the ‘Bessie Smash’ named after pioneer blues singer Bessie Smith. Part two of the Manhattan Moonshine appeal is the bottle. Classic as Manhattan’s definitive Art Deco architecture and tasteful as a posh bar’s elegant decanter, the chiseled bottle of Manhattan Moonshine is just as beautiful to behold as the taste is to savor.

I sampled this superb spirit over ice with a touch of ginger beer and a bit of fresh lime zest and was very pleased with how the texture almost seemed to enhance the flavors put into the drink while giving me that nice warm buzz of a mature relaxing cocktail. This is a great gift for any dad, modern or traditional, on Father’s Day or any day for that matter.  The universal blending ability of Manhattan Moonshine makes it a perfect addition to any man’s bar for that after work wind-down drink or that necessary weekend turn-down shot. Happy Father’s Day indeed!

Manhattan Moonshine is now available at their website here and at select liquor stores in your city. Please visit for cocktail recipes, liquor store and restaurant locators in your city and always remember to drink responsibly.

Father’s Day Gifts to Keep Dad Looking Good

Finding your dad the best gift on Father’s Day can sometimes be a bit challenging. Even if you decide to ask him what he wants, you may still find yourself even more confused. Take the lead and show him how much you really care and invest in his grooming and skin care regimens, and something a little extra. We bring you great skincare products from LAB SERIES Skincare for Men, and MicroTouch, that will totally upgrade his daily routine and make feel great, plus the perfect accessory to top his complete look from Ted Baker Watches.


MAX LS Luxury Solution Kit ($160.00) is perfect for the dad who is always on the run and doesn’t want to carry around a lot of stuff. He likes to keep his routine simple and appreciates quality over quantity. This works well for all skin types including oily skin. In addition, it helps protect skin from razor burn and keeps it feeling soft and smooth all day long. A little goes a long way.

Age Rescue Essentials Kit ($103.00) is ideal for any dad that is looking to energize his morning routine and wants to minimize the signs of aging. With the power of ginseng, these products boost the skin’s appearance and help free skin of wrinkles, stress and keeps it looking refreshed. This will be his new go to for younger looking skin.


MicroTouch Switchblade ($19.99) this 2-in-1 switchblade is both a micro trimmer and a full body groomer, allowing you to trim hair anywhere – eliminate neck, ear, and back hair, and keep eyebrows, and hairlines neat. The MicroTouch Switchblade is powerful enough for the toughest of hairs, yet is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. Snap-on guides and a built-in light make it safe and easy to use.


Looking good requires paying close attention to detail and staying consistent.
Ted Baker’s Men’s Dress Sport, Men’s Smart Casual, and Men’s Sport Watches (starting at $155.00) represent classic, innovative British style at its best. Wearing one of these exclusive watches will compliment any man’s wardrobe no matter what his lifestyle is. They offer an array of contemporary styles fit any dad that understands that first impressions are the most lasting.

***Thanks to our Men’s Grooming Contributor, Randy Reed of I am Mister Fresh for this Father’s Day story for My Life on and off the Guest List. Make sure to check out his blog.

Get Dad Back In The Game!: Top Father’s Day Picks From The Accessories Council

Have you even started the mad dash yet?  The scramble?  The perpetual motion of second guessing, what ‘iffing’, noggin tapping and department store scurrying that always happens around Father’s Day? You haven’t?  Well you’re not alone!  Much like the men’s sections in department stores, pharmacies and boutiques, the male customer always gets the short end of the stick (or the back corner of the selling floor).

Well if you haven’t noticed by now, a Male Renaissance has been going full swing for the last few years now.  They’ve become demanding and not complacent to just accept what the women in their lives propose.  With a wider array of products & styles offered and more attention being paid to them in stores, men are gradually coming into their own in regards to voicing what they want.  Of course, that doesn’t make it any easier to decide what to snag for Dad this Father’s Day, or does it?  If there’s more to offer then there’s more to choose from.  This means that instead of the time-honored ‘dad’ tie or three pack of dress socks, the options for Father’s Day suddenly have more depth, range and the ‘oh-so-overlooked’ cool factor.
Who knows this all too well but the Accessories Council.  Their top Father’s Day picks are walks in updated classics, modern notions and those little accents that men have gravitated towards in order to  differentiate their collective roars from the rest of the pride.

Clockwise from top left:  J Fold full grain vegetable tanned Italian leather wallets are a classic need in an updated fashion, Dr. Scholl’s Jason oxford are a nice way to keep him fashion forward and comfy as these are equipped with a velour suede upper, Memory fit foam ® and cushy EVA midsole, Oliver Peoples Becket Sunglasses are a classic tortoise in the hands of a modern eyewear expert and Vasi Moda gives him just that little accent he needs to freshen up that somber sport coat with their colorful and exquisite silk pocket squares handcrafted in Como, Italy.

Clockwise from top left: Notes like citron, iced gin and lavender never smelled so fresh and clean with this new signature fragrance from Vince CamutoJack + Mulligan have very good-looking and simply cool dopp kits for the traveling man to fit all his grooming needs (I should know; I have one and love it) and the style impresarios at Esquire have shirts and ties on the pulse of style to suit the many kinds of men.

The modern man wear hats, but just make it cooler than his dad’s. David & Young offers up some pretty sweet fedoras that serve as the perfect topper for that charismatic outfit or that charismatic guy as well as many handsome hats and scarves.  Celebrities such as Kellan Lutz and Jay Alexander approve.

Clockwise from top left: Therapeutic can be stylish!  Such is the case of Compression Socks that you can find when looking at SockWell USA. You don’t need to buy boring black compression socks to help support your legs, there are colorful and playful options out there! These socks create circulation and reduces selling and muscle soreness all while looking pretty cool with nice colors and designs and it’s classic but make it his own with Auburn Jewelry customizable sterling silver cufflinks.  Each piece is handcrafted to order.  Be original for him or let him be the wild one with a gift certificate to customize his own pair.
No need to panic come June 15th.  Peruse these unique selections and others offered by these charismatic brands and make the dads in your life even cooler than he may already be. 

Father’s Day is June 15, 2014!

Zippo Interactive Media Experience & Limited Edition #SharethePain Lighter Giveaway

How would love like to win a Limited Edition lighter from Zippo, the makers of the incredible, iconic symbol, which has been around for nearly eight decades? We had the great pleasure of attending a Zippo interactive media experience, which featured first-hand connection stories shared by Zippo owners and their families with some amazing lost/found stories received over the past 80+ years. To celebrate these heartfelt and sometimes hilarious stories, we are giving away five of the below #SharethePain Zippo Windproof Lighters to some lucky readers….just in time for Father’s Day (more details at the end of this post).

During the “Share the Pain” Interactive Media Experience, we got the opportunity to take a mobile walking tour through time and listen to first person accounts (via provided headphones) of lost Zippo stories while walking through the displays. The experience featured examples of past customized pieces, and other Zippo lifestyle products, including lighters, wallets, cologne and watches.

From lighters eaten by bears, swallowed by fish, and even one lighter that was found after four decades, there were tons of extraordinary tales of lost Zippos shared. The event also gave us the chance to check out the Zippo car. Fun fact: the original Zippo car, a 1947 Chrysler New Yorker Saratoga, was actually lost in 1950’s after being taken to a Pittsburgh Ford dealer for renovation and to this day has still never been found. What you’re seeing below is the second Zippo car purchased and customized in 1996.

Although the handwritten letters have changed to tweets, Zippo continues to receive stories of lost lighters (and some found lighters) with the #sharethepain hashtag.

As stated at the beginning of this post, we are giving away five limited Edition Zippo Windproof Lighters, which make excellent gifts for Father’s Day. If you or someone you know has lost their Zippo lighter, this is a great time to surprise them with a new….and special lighter. To enter, check out the rafflecopter entry form below:

Zippo Introduces #ShareThePain Virtual Support System for Owners of Lost Lighters

It’s a fact that some items collected throughout our lives become keepsakes and hold great sentimental value. Sometimes it’s obvious items but then there are those surprising and extraordinary items like Zippo Lighters, that strike a cord. Zippo is the iconic symbol for the American male and is known for their flip-top lighters that may just be lighters for some of you, but for many, they are “treasured gifts, mementos, keepsakes and symbols of American history”. To add a personal touch to these keepsakes you can even print your photos on lighter and cherish it forever. With a history that includes fan mail from some famous military generals and other military personnel, along with appearances in some of the biggest blockbuster movies as well as several Oscar nominated and winning films, it’s no surprise that Zippo leaves a lasting and personal impression. That impression can be tested if you lose your lighter…..and unfortunately many have. For this reason, Zippo presents the #ShareThePain virtual support system for owners of lost lighters.

This virtual support campaign came about after Zippo continually received thousands of messages from heartbroken lighter owners who lost their cherished Zippo lighters. A recent survey by Zippo found that the average American spends 54,180 minutes, or 903 hours, of his or her life searching for lost belongings*. Did you know the U.S.’s top 5 most commonly lost items are:

  1. Pen
  2. Money
  3. Lighter
  4. Car keys
  5. Jewelry

The study also showed that 68% of Zippo lighter owners in the US have lost their lighter and of those respondents, nearly 20 percent noted that they were “devastated”. As Zippo lighters can be personalized and made unique with engravings, personal photos (you can now upload personal pictures and have them printed on a lighter) or favorite sports teams and brands, losing one can take an emotional toll on the owner. take a look at some tweets below:

Now despondent owners who lost their lighters can log on to to share their pain of losing their treasured Zippos, interact with the brand and Jax McFlame, the ultimate Zippo man and all-American tough guy, receive his words of wisdom, and start the healing process.

“We’ve been receiving letters, calls and e-mails for decades from Zippo fans sharing their sadness at having lost a cherished lighter,” said David Warfel, global marketing director, Zippo. “These run the gamut from matter-of-fact messages about a fisherman dropping his Zippo overboard to heartfelt notes from American war veterans whose military-issued Zippos disappeared during combat.”

Zippo Lighters make great gifts year’ round but are especially great as Father’s Day gifts, especially if someone you know has lost theirs. Just make it unique and personal to the intended recipient, be it your Dad, brother, uncle, etc. To  bring the sharing full circle, will also act as a forum to promote stories of “found” Zippo lighters.

*The Zippo study into lost items was conducted in January 2014 amongst 11,117 people across 10 countries and three continents. 1,030 Americans were surveyed as part of the study.

Father’s Day Gift Guide | Gifts for Dad

It’s time to celebrate Dad (Whoever he may be to you). Time to honor and thank him for all that he does, all that he is (even the embarrassing times) and all that he means to you. Although a gift can’t possibly make up for that wonderful father figure in your life, give him a gift that will make him happy – in other words, step away from the ties. Think outside the box this time. How do you show him you have thought of him? A good way to do this is to personalise a gift. It could be serious or funny, although dads always appreciate a good joke. Maybe you could get him a personalised shirt or pyjamas! Even put yours, his pet’s or put any face on socks. Anything that would give him a good chuckle but also that will show him you thought about him! Practical, designer, comical, it doesn’t matter because I’m sure your father figure knows he is appreciated. Here are a few ideas:

Mercedes-Benz Fragrance for Men

The first fragrance for Mercedes-Benz, this fresh scent is well balanced between its freshness and sensuality with floral tones and a woody trail. If he’s a fan of such fragrances like Dior Farenheit for men or CK Man, he will love the Mercedes-Benz for Men Fragrance, besides, if you can’t buy him the car, why not gift him with the fragrance, available at Lord & Taylor.
Top notes: Calabrian bergamot, Cucumber, Violet leaves Absolute, amalfi lemon essence and Italian mandarin
Heart: Galbanum, nutmeg, Violet flower, Cascalone and Boubon pepper
Base notes: Ambrox, American cedarwood, Bourbon vetiver, patchouli prisma and Limbanol

XSories Accessories for the Xtreme Lifestyle

Got a dad that’s into the extreme life? He needs some XSories in his life. XSories are innovative solutions and accessories for all sport, travel or video fans. Let Dad shoot his photos and videos from unique angles, charge his devices in the middle of nowhere or listen to his favorite songs while playing in the ocean.

emerginC post-shave reinforcer

A lightweight, fresh-scented, soothing facial balm for morning use with key plant extracts, antioxidants and cutting-edge anti-aging peptides. Improve tone and texture while fighting the visible signs of aging. Ideal for all skin types. This amazing product and other emerginC products are available at the Four Seasons, Trump, Cosmopolitan, Miraval, The Wynn, and other spas nationwide, plus and retail for $47.00.

Balducci’s BBQ Sauces

June is not only for Father’s Day it’s also grilling season, so why not combine the two. All Dads love to pull out the grill and BBQ, for a change of pace, gift him with Balducci’s BBQ Sauces. Give Dad the perfect collection of Balducci’s BBQ sauces to grill with. He can slather it on thick and revel in the expertly mixed and balanced blends of herbs and spices in each and every bite. Flavors range from Classic American Wing Saunce, Mustard BBQ Sauce, Hog Wild Wing Sauce, Savannah Sauce, Virginia Bourbon, Virginia Maple Glaze and more….

Basic Essentials from H&M

Take home a whole new look for Dad, without breaking the bank. Basic tees are only $9.95 and come in a variety of this season’s top colors-he’ll look great hitting the beach or on the city streets. For those that crave a hint more detail, the Swedish fashion retailer has Henleys and easy-iron tees starting at $14.95, and don’t forget the perfect pair of summer shorts for a whopping $24.95.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, uncles, big brothers, mentors and other father figures.