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Great American Camping: Zippo Welcomes New Outdoors Line

Although we are a city girl, we’ve always been fascinated with the outdoors and the idea of camping on a tranquil lake, sleeping under the stars, and indulging in an unlimited supply of delicious, freshly caught fish. It may be influence of movies and television, but in our minds, that is our camping fantasy. We’ve actually never been camping but if we did, we’d definitely take items from the Zippo’s Outdoors Line with us. You should already be familiar with Zippo’s windproof lighters that literally take a beating (be it being eaten by bears, swallowed by fish, buried under sand for decades, etc), and keeps on ticking…in this case, lighting, now get ready for the latest additions to their wonderful lineup for the outdoors.

Offering convenience while cooking outdoors are the Zippo’s All-Terrain Grill (pictured above) and Windproof Stove. With the All-Terrain Grill, you can cook anywhere thanks to its easy-transport features. This portable grill fits in any vehicle, and rolls over all terrains, just fold and store it in your car when you’re not using it, and unfold it when ready for use. The cast-aluminum firebox and lid hold in heat longer for prolonged cooking while the plate vaporizes drippings and locks in flavor. The Zippo Windproof Stove features dual burners that boasts a burner and chimney combination that not only protects against wind, but also makes sure more heat is directed to the pot or pan, giving you more even cooking (we’m sure contestants on Top Chef would love this for those rugged, outdoor cooking challenges). The rugged cast aluminum stove also boasts lid-lock transportation bins, adjustable feet, available Propane valve and optional leg storage, and a bubble level for balance.

When camping at night, a long-lasting light source is essential. The Zippo Rugged Lantern will survive a 5-foot drop, can stay out all night in the rain, and be submerged in water without going out. It boasts the brightest light of any LED lantern, and you can even make the lithium-ion battery last longer by adjusting the brightness. Have an emergency? The Rugged Lantern also comes with an emergency S-O-S setting. If you are bringing a trailer along on your trip, you may want to install some led trailer lights as well as an extra light source, so it can help guide your way in addition to others who are coming along too.

Looking for something to warm you up on those cold wilderness nights (or a typical winter New York night? Try the incredible Zippo Hand Warmers. If you need to stay warm while you’re outdoors, you can’t go wrong with these sleek, thin metal warmers that fits both in and out of pockets, provides 12 hours of warmth, and is reusable and virtually odorless. Each Zippo Hand Warmer comes with a filler cup and warming bag, and is perfect as a gift for any winter sport tailgater, hunting and fishing enthusiasts, or anyone who loves the outdoors. Hunting for the perfect prey could take quite some time, so not only do you need to make sure that your hands are kept warm, but you’ll also need to be on high alert so you can catch the animal before it returns into the wilderness. Having a look at something like these compound bow reviews before your camping or hunting trip can ensure that you are ready and well-prepared for your adventure; increasing your chance of hunting successfully. Of course, this would be made harder if you had cold hands, so wrap up where you can.

Last but not least, Zippo and 125-year old American manufacturer of premium quality knives, W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery, welcome new styles to their collection of very high quality, luxury knives, including traditional folding pocket knives, fixed blade sporting knives, limited edition commemorative and collectible knives, and home cutlery. Case & Sons Cutlery have collaborated some of the most respected brands to bring you stunning, and uniquely designed, limited edition knives. Some collaborators include award-winning, internationally-known custom Knife-maker, Tony Bose, and Harley Davidson (both styles shown above). While these styles would make any rugged outdoorsman very happy, we find ourselves infatuated with the more fashionably designed patterns and colors as seen below (the T. Bose is a favorite as well):

What do you think of these Zippo products? Are you ready to go camping?

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