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Eye Spy: Gunnar Optiks X Tokidoki Year of the Dragon Glasses

Eye Spy: Gunnar Optiks X Tokidoki Year of the Dragon Glasses

In the realm of auspicious happenings, 2024 emerges as a year adorned with significance, crowned as The Year of the Dragon. This designation beckons to celebrate traits symbolic of power, wisdom, strength, and innovation. Thus, it is fitting that attention is captivated by the glorious allure of Gunnar Optiks X Tokidoki Year of the Dragon computer glasses, $115.00. A fusion of Japanese aesthetics and cutting-edge lens technology, these frames promise both style and the amelioration of sleep patterns and defense against computer vision syndrome.

Eye Spy: Gunnar Optiks X Tokidoki Year of the Dragon Glasses

Embrace the Year of the Dragon with the Gunnar Optiks X Tokidoki blue light glasses, an embodiment of the legendary creature’s prowess. Crafted with meticulous detail, the modified cat-eye frame and single browline metal construction exude elegance. Adorned with the iconic tokidoki logo on handmade acetate temples, they symbolize the convergence of fashion and function. With features like flexible spring hinges, adjustable nose pads, and G-Shield Premium lens coatings, these glasses ascend to the pinnacle of legendary performance while safeguarding against harmful blue light and UV radiation.

Eye Spy: Gunnar Optiks X Tokidoki Year of the Dragon Glasses

Gunnar Optiks offers a spectrum of options for enthusiasts seeking alternative styles to cater to diverse preferences. From the sleek stainless steel frame of the Gunnar X Stark Industries Edition, $99.99 to the retro-classic design of the Gunnar Intercept, $74.99, each design embodies excellence in both form and function.

Gunnar X Stark Industries EditionGunnar Intercept

Whether it’s the gaming-centric Intercept, Assassin’s Creed: Mirage Edition, $84.99, the very impressive vision gaming, stealth styling, and computer glasses tech of the Gunnar Enigma, $64.99, or the precision engineering of the Gunnar X Task Force 141’s Call of Duty Alpha Edition, $59.00 or the aluminum-magnesium forged frames of the Call of Duty UAV Edition, $59.00, there’s a pair suited for every occasion and every style personality.

Intercept, Assassin's Creed: Mirage EditionGunnar X Task Force 141's Call of Duty Alpha EditionCall of Duty UAV Edition

Completing this ensemble are the mountaineer-style Gunnar Tallac, $150.00, the indispensable Cupertino, $150.00 with its magnetized lens inserts, and the performance-driven Gunnar Riot, $49.99.

Gunnar TallacGunnar Cupertino

Gunnar Riot

With such a diverse array, Gunnar Optiks ensures that everyone can partake in the celebration of healthy eyes, whether you celebrate The Year of the Dragon with the Tokidoki Year of the Dragon Glasses or while safeguarding your eyes with one of their other styling and sophisticated computer eyewear options.

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