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How to Plan the Perfect Weekend Getaway With Friends

How to Plan the Perfect Weekend Getaway With Friends

Life can be challenging, and we all need to get away from the everyday pressures of life. Planning a weekend getaway may be just what you need and inviting a few friends along may be the best way to enjoy it. Many people enjoy taking a trip when needed, as evidenced by the trillions of miles that all of America’s vehicles travel monthly. Here are some tips that may help make your weekend trip the perfect getaway you hope it will be.

Begin With Communication

Good communication improves every relationship, and your upcoming weekend is no exception. Unless you already have a specific destination and itinerary, ask each person what type of vacation they prefer. One person may want to go to a spa, while another would enjoy hiking in the woods or visiting every museum in a nearby city. Try to find an idea to please as many group members as possible.

Compose a Travel Budget

Where you go and what you do may be dictated, in part, by how much money you and the other travelers are willing to spend. Be clear about whether you are footing the bill for all the trip expenses. If you plan to ask other trip members to contribute, it might be easier to designate a monetary responsibility for each group member. For example, one person might be asked to pay for lodging, while another pays for gas, and someone else is responsible for meals or attraction fees.

How to Plan the Perfect Weekend Getaway With Friends
Campers in tents listening to girl playing guitar beside campfire

Choose a Destination

Keep the budget and everyone’s interests in mind and brainstorm choices of where you’d like to stay. Many travelers enjoy the tranquility of beach or lake vacations, and a beach vacation may be a suggestion that would appeal to everyone. A beach or lake will offer activities like swimming, boating, fishing, or shell hunting. If these activities appeal to your group, it will make it easier for you to find a place to visit since 95% of Americans live about an hour away from where they can enjoy time on the water.

Research the Destination

Once you and your group select your destination, you should begin researching the destination online for things to do. You can ask each group member to do some online research and list some places in the area where they’d like to visit. Different members may also want to look up places to dine, as you may prefer other types of cuisine. If the trip to your destination, you might also ask your group to look up places they may want to stop on the way to and from.

Make a Schedule

Once everyone has finished their research, check everyone’s lists to see if there are some choices that the majority may enjoy visiting. After placing some standard options on the list, retain some time in the schedule for people to have some time alone – or to pursue an activity of their choice. While visiting those favorite choices will make the weekend memorable, you won’t want the trip to be so hectic that it makes the participants feel overwhelmed.

Try to Choose a Three-Day Weekend

To get the most out of your getaway, why not choose a weekend when you’ll have an extra day before you all need to return to work? You could add more activities or visit more than one destination. Longer trips seem to be on many Americans’ minds lately since statistics show that the number of miles traveled has increased by over 400% during the last 40 years.

Your weekend can be the perfect way to revive your spirits and the spirits of those who travel with you. The weekend getaway begins with careful planning and ongoing communication. Include some activities most people want to do and keep time open for each person to complete independently. Once you begin your trip, relax and enjoy your well-earned getaway!

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