Diego Binetti Spring 2013 Collection Presentation

“Under that second skin, the other magical underworld of the ocean”

For his Spring 2013 collection, Argentinian designer, Diego Binetti looked to the ocean for inspiration. Specifically the mother goddess Yemaya, an African-Brazilian goddess of the sea. His collection features layered and asymmetrical looks with a mystical vibe. Binetti delivered ethereal looks that were hand painted, screen printed, and featured intricate embroidery.

Silk chiffons dominated the collection in sensual flowing looks, leather strips and harnesses (a hot item this season) showed an edgier, sexier side to the collection which featured lots of muted colors found in the ocean (seaweed, coral, foam, sand, etc) peppered with a few black pieces and accessories.

I always love Binetti’s design aesthetic, his collections are always powerful, romantic and speak directly to a woman’s strength and power in relation to the elements – earth, fire, wind and this season, water.

Diego Binetti Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

The thing that makes presentations of collections so attractive (as opposed to runway shows) to me is the amount of intimacy that’s possible. Diego Binetti’s Spring Summer 2012 collection is a great example of this. To showcase his designs, models were perched above the heads of viewers as well as well as prancing on the ground below. It felt like we were walking in to a secret garden where enchanting nymphs were at play

One of the intricately detailed looks
A Closer Look
Binetti’s pieces moved with feather-like ease. Soft and strong at the same time – note the eye-catching hardware both show in the looks itself and the accessories. I see a lot of influence from angels and seraphins. Makeup, hair, and nails worked to complete the looks, creating what felt like an aviary full of colorful, exotic (and a bit mysterious) creatures. An orchestra of lace, sequins, chiffon and more felt airy and lighthearted.

Unique nail styling by CND. I HAVE to try this nail look.

To see more of Diego Binetti’s beautiful nymphs at play, see more photos below


Binetti Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

To call Diego Binetti’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection a mere presentation does not do it justice – it was an opera. I say an Opera because each look was a dramatic work of varying elements, like individual arias. Bold patterns, tons of black – both fabrication and embellishments, embroidery, intricate beading, metallic elements in various colors all were staples in Binetti’s Fall 2011 collection.


Binetti’s innovation and talent for his provocative designs is a powerhouse creature that is yet to be tamed. I love his use of abstract thinking – this designer definitely colors outside the lines and I hope that never changes. Diego Binetti is one of those designers that makes you excited about fashion, excited about trying new things.

This beautiful collection is another hit for this Buenos Aires raised, Italian heritage designer. I look forward to more fashiongasms and crescendo-level brilliance next season.

Photos courtesy of Beauty By Benz

Diego Binetti Spring 2011 Collection

Argentinian-born designer, Diego Binetti showed a collection filled with magic and fantasy this season. His color palette was inspired by Mother Earth – tones of beiges, yellows, blues and greens were ever present throughout the collection. The presentation seemed like a fairy tale, a daydream if you will.  You see Binetti’s models looked like goddesses. Entering the Box at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week that morning felt like walking into a party at Mount Olympus.

Gorgeous gown after gorgeous flowing gown made a heavenly statement but the edgy separates with the 80’s influence caught many an eye.

“I design for a woman who owns her domain and has a passion for life. I have a love and devotion that I invest into my work every day which excited me and keeps me going. I am excited to show in Lincoln Center and think that this season will be a hit for all!” Diego Binetti


I especially love the shoes and accessories Diego Binetti showed along with his collection. The white and Gold boots are so yummy


 The standouts were the finger and nail jewelry – they look so decadent, so lavish

Diego Binetti Fall 2010 Show

One of my favorite collections was not shown at the tents, Diego Binetti showcased his Far East inspired collection at Exit Art. His collection was beautiful and romantic, the flowing garments featured elaborate embellishments such as gold threads and beads, bold colors that reminded me of sunsets in Asia and eye-catching prints

He also featured lots of structured but feminine pieces with gorgeous accents. Binetti knows how to dress a woman; his collection is very sophisticated and a big bonus is it’s size friendly. I can see a lot of curvy woman feeling quite beautiful and comfortable in any of his garments

Seeing this amazing collection made me wish I’d seen Binetti’s previous collections, I can only imagine the beauty I’ve missed. If this is what he envisions for fall, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for next Spring. Enjoy his collection below