Monarchy Spring 2010 Show

Eric Kim took me on a journey with his 2010 Spring Collection, not just to another country but to another time as well. Let’s start with time…First, Monarchy features both menswear and womenwear but it was the menswear that transported me to another time – the 1950’s to be exact. The model clones of Clark Kent aka the hot nerd (I think all men should dress this way – it’s so sexy) saunted down the runway one after the other triggering girlish giggles and mischievous smiles…..from me. I mean have you seen photos of celebs like James Franco in what I call the grandpa glasses? So Hot!!!

It’s one thing for a man to wear a preppy look but there’s just something abut a man in a cardigan sweater or slim fit suit, freshly coiffed hair, thick black glasses and a devilish smile buried under that shy innocence that just drives a girl wild. My favorite was a navy Cashmere cardigan paired with a pair of grey cashmere glen plaid slim fit shorts with a frayed hem (unfortunately I couldn’t get a clear shot as someone decided at that exact moment to elevate their body blessed me with a full shot of their bald head)

Anyway, on to the womenswear, welcome to the Riviera by way of Australia. As a woman with a bit of a curvuture in my body, I so loved the gathered waists of the comfy and relaxed paper bag khakis and shorts. I was also captivated by the light, flowy tanks and blouses which grazed the stomach ever so lightly (that reminds me….decrease comfort food intake starting…now)

Going off the relaxed comfort looks to this very chic tuxedo dress. I love the slight dropped waist that is sure to conceal any possible flaws and the very low neckline that is sure to accent the positiveS. The satin piping on the trim of the neckline takes this look deep into the night.

Three looks that gave me a quick flash back to Kathleen Turner’s “Joan Wilder” (with a touch of Blind Date’s Kim Basinger) in Romancing the Stone are below

As last season, I truly enjoyed this season’s Monarchy Show, Eric Kim can take me away to far away places anytime. His collection is 100% wearable but truly very chic…bravo.

As usual, enjoy the show’s finale